Episode 272: On this episode, a quick update on the election fraud situation, a Flippy that raps, queen 33 and trans 33, 666 anti-mask arrests, winter solstice Saturn Jupitor Christmas star, paritybot, Santelli goes off, vax cards, vax stimulus, pres propaganda vax, Pfizer bait and switch, secular democrat agenda, monolith replaced by cross, CBN RFID story debunked, losing evangelical mind, US Gov Muslim app being watched! #Jesus #Religion #Fringe

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  1. Ellen page will never ever never be a Man
    She cannot even pull off being a female
    How the hell is she supposedly goomg to make it as a man
    Does this make her lover a hetero sexual
    Dam that Elliot

  2. And this is exactly why I trust your stuff BECAUSE , for instance, instead of saying " I's important enough to get it RIGHT" you say " I's important enough TO NOT GET IT WRONG" . Absolutely LOVE you guys. Thank you!

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