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  1. wow yes this happens but no time soon yes in year 3033 its all lies for now GOD GOING TO MAKE THE WOULD GREAT AGAIN yes bad things are going to happen in this time but this is all crap because GOD WILL PROVE HIM SELF TO THE WORTH FIRST WOW WOW WOW

  2. its been about a month since the controversy 7 has made this video with the Wolf, has he corrected it or even mentioned about the change in Isaiah 11:6 ?
    if he has not made his stands on ether side, people should not be listening to him.

  3. Change of name is changed of ownership. To the king now the Hebrew boys are now Babylonians they are no longer Hebrews/ Jews. But they choose not to change their identity by remaining true to their creator Jesus Christ.


    1. THE LAST SUPPER was on Passover Eve. AFTER LAST SUPPER HE WAS ARRESTED. John 13:1-5, John 18:1-3 , Matthew 26:17, Luke 22:15, Mark 14:12-16. Luke 22:15 "I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer". Preparations were duly made and that evening Yahusha (Yeshua/Jesus) took the bread and broke it (symbolize His body) and then the wine (symbolize His blood). Afterwards, they went into the Garden of Gethsemane, where Yahusha (Yeshua/Jesus) was betrayed and arrested that night.
    2. HE WAS CRUCIFIED AND DIED on 1st Passover day (call 1st Day of unleavened Bread, in Leviticus 23 is written clearly when the feast should be celebrated). He was crucified the next morning at "the third hour" (9 a.m.). Next day was a special Sabbath, so His body should not be on the cross, John 19:31 The Jews then (because it was the Preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the SABBATH day: for that Sabbath was an high day)… Luke 23:54 54 And that day was the preparation, and the Sabbath [a]drew on. 56 And they returned and prepared odors, and ointments, and……
    3. SPECIAL SABBATH. Luke 23:56 56 ….. RESTED ON THE SABBATH in obedience to the commandment
    4. RESURRECTION AFTER SABBATH. John 20:1 Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance.
    (IMPORTANT: to understand the Verses we must free first our mind what we believe 'it is the truth' and accept few facts how the Jewish celebrated feasts during His time, Shabbat from evening to evening, doesn't matter was according to ABBA's Instruction or not. After Sabbath IS ALWAYS First day of the week, doesn't matter how we name the day, and start again to count to 7 in weekly cycle)

    THE LAST SUPPER was on PASSOVER EVE, although most translations translated it as '1st day of Passover' (NIV, KJV and many others I checked), which is not correct.
    1599 Geneve Bible has foot notes:
    Mark 14:12 Now the first day of unleavened bread, [b] when they sacrificed the Passover, his disciples said unto him, Where wilt thou that we go and prepare, that thou mayest eat the Passover? [b] That is, upon which day, and at the evening of the same day, which was the beginning of the fifteenth, see also Matt. 26:17.
    Matthew 26:17 Now [m]on the first day of the feast of unleavened bread, the disciples came to Jesus, saying unto him, Where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the Passover? [m] This was the fourteenth day of the first month: and the first day of unleavened bread should have been the fifteenth
    Read Leviticus 23

    Because Passover, the feast of the unleavened bread, other feasts and 10-Commandments happened during Moses time, when GREGORIAN CALENDAR DID NOT EXIST, the Jewish must calculate using their Lunar-Solar calendar and CONVERT to GREGORIAN CALENDAR.

    The Passover Eve was / is / must ALWAYS ON DIFFERENT DAY due to conversion to today GREGORIAN CALENDAR every other year (just check for yourself in internet)!
    2001 SATURDAY April 7 , 2011 – MONDAY April 18, 2017 MONDAY April 10, 2019 FRIDAY, April 19, 2020 WEDNESDAY, April 8, etc.

    HOW 'the following days' such as FRIDAY could be A FIX Good Friday, Sabbath could BE FIX on Saturday and Monday the FIX Resurrection day if His Last Supper was on Passover EVE, which WAS / IS / MUST ALWAYS on different day converted to Gregorian Calendar even if the conversion created a mistake about 1 day (The Jewish New Month starts with a New Crescent moon, others start to count the New month a day after 'Full darkness'/conjunction).

    The Church and Jewish leaders must change hand in hand in the past in introducing Good Friday, Saturday Sabbath and Monday resurrection to fit the Verses as written in Gospels. I don't think all coincidental.
    The original name of Saturday is SATURNI in Latin! Most countries with Catholic influences changed the name to Sabbato, Sabado, Sabet,Sabatu, Subota and so on to give the impression that it was the truth since ever! Brothers/sisters, wake up. No names of the week like that before Gregorian calendar.
    Most notably, he is the namesake of Saturday (dies Saturni), which was originally referred to in Latin as Dies Saturni or the "Day of Saturn," and was in turn adapted and became the source of the English word. This stands as the only day of the week to retain its Roman name in English.

    I don't belong to those groups 'Back to Torah' and against it after Holy Spirit explained very clear. In doing so (Back to Torah) we not only insult what He, Yahusha (Yeshua/Jesus) has done, suffered and died for us on the cross or stauros, BUT insult ABBA in Heaven, the Creator, WHO planned all this from beginning. We are living under New Covenant, under GRACE! But we should go 'Back to the Root' in keeping what ABBA said through Him in the Gospels or He said. We shouldn't misuse His Grace and blood.

    You all wondering why should be such big issue with name, shifting all those hours and days?
    HOLY SPIRIT gave me this parable:
    Our Boss Bill says to us: „You start working on Monday at 7 a.m. and go home at 5pm, but We say: „Nope, Mr. Bully, we start on Friday at 10 a.m and go home at 8pm because those times suits us better and is pleasant, same hours anyway“. Would your Boss amused and happy with your answer?
    HE is the Potter, we are HIS creation.

    Revelation 12:9

    As no name street evangelist I only like to share this. I humbly would/could not find this on my own. Holy Spirit was the One Who told me one day to expose this lies, where I had to search and find all those information and verses in the jungle of 'knowledge', 'teachers', 'prophets' and lot of Bible translations. We only receive small revelation (puzzle) from whole Truth. It's no such thing like 'big' teacher! Holy Spirit is the only Teacher and we only can learn from each other and share what He reveals to us.
    Easter feast to honor babylonian gods could not be introduced if this lies exposed long already.

    Wake up. We are living in end time.


  5. God has been carrying me through cervical cancer stage 3b. Exactly when my treatment was done, coronavirus hit. Please pray for me. I'm in pain and vomiting from antibiotics. I recently got a severe kidney infection. I need many prayers my brothers and sisters, please.

  6. When they talk about Isaiah "the wolf lays with the lamb" that was one of the Bible verses that were changed through the Mandela effect. The original one said "The lion will lay with the lamb." This fool literally just confessed to have Beelzebub. For the wolf is the devil…

  7. I greatly appreciate God placing this on your heart's to teach this an or to help explain it better to me, I was just reading this the other night, and had no idea why I was reading this, I ask of you to place my name in your prayer group, My name is Melvin Bell, I have confessed all my sins to the Lord our God an want for nothing but to walk upright, I am under great attack for leaving the devil's camp, I declare that I belong to Jesus an nothing else, I have been saved from drugs, an molestation, so, I need other's to stand in agreement with me, I thankyou for reading this.

  8. Wine in the old testament is symbolic of wealth and power. What were they praising? Gold, Silver and precious things (money). Drinking the Kings wine was a type of oath, an agreement to follow a system. .Today we see the same thing. People are praising gold, silver and money, the wine of fornication…..Now you speak of Revelation and "come out of her my people" world wide lock down, churches closed / people are out of the false church.


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