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  1. Many love KJV Bible more than anything else. Most Bible translations derived from KJ Bible, who called himself a Godking!

    – In 1611 when the first edition of the KJV appeared the English alphabet did not contain the letter j, and the name of Jesus was rendered Iesus, with subsequent editions later changing it to the more modern appearance. J did not appear as distinct from I in the English language until 1633.

    – It was the translators of the King James Bible who removed of GOD Almighty, the Most High, which appeared as YHWH (the Tetragrammaton), and replaced it with The LORD, rendered in small capital letters. Where YHWH appeared with the Hebrew Adonai (Lord) the translators presented it as Lord God, again in small capitals. IEHOHAH appeared in four of the Old Testament books, Exodus, Psalms, and twice in Isaiah.
    King James subordinates like Lord Birmingham and all his Lords have same Titles like the Savior.

    – The oldest texts of Mark do not contain verses which appear in the King James Version of the Bible

    In the King James Version’s Gospel of Mark, the resurrected Jesus appears to several people, including his closest followers, known as the disciples. In the oldest extant texts of Mark’s gospel, the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples is not present. The chapters of Mark following the Crucifixion were added sometime in the second or third century, what became in the King James Version Mark 16:9-20. These verses of Mark stand as proof of the Bible’s being changed over the years, even some editions of the King James Version note that the verses are of questionable provenance. Some ancient sources which do include the additional verses contain notes questioning their authenticity.

    – The translators who produced the original edition of the King James Version had access to some, but by no means all, original source documents to be used as the basis of their new translation. Instead they relied on all previously completed English translations, including some which they had been specifically instructed to ignore, and on printed copies of the Bible in the original languages then available, as well as translations and commentaries written in Spanish, Italian, German, French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Syrian, and Chaldee

    – Many of the verses present in the King James Version are interpolations that do not directly correspond to the ancient texts

    In the King James Version of the Bible, in the Gospel of Matthew, verse 18:11 reads, “For the Son of man is come to that which was lost”. The verse does not appear in the most ancient copies of Matthew, and when it does appear the oldest extant sample is after the 5th century.

  2. The Catholic Church is the first Christian church. They designated Jesus a Christian god in 325 AD, Therefore all Christian churches are cults of the original catholic church that’s a historical fact. How did Black Indigenous people become Christians? Colonialism, slavery and genocide was their subjugation. To call yourself a Christian as a Black Indigenous person is indoctrination. Sorry if the truth hurts.

  3. Can y’all please explain to me something. Im having trouble with the antichrist. I know the Bible speaks of his head wound being healed. Can someone please explain. Is this symbolic of something? I’ve had someone tell me it’s 9/11.

  4. Great study the parallel is exact to today. Please read 2nd Thessalonians 2: 9-12 the Holy Spirit confirmed in my spirit that it was written for today's world in believing the virus lies. Bless you both.

  5. Powerful message guys, btw the song your on will be released on the 30th of this month which speaks of the situations we are facing today.
    Song titled: Are You Ready
    Artist: Jew-b-al

  6. The Catholic church is not mystery Babylon guys read Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 its very clear it is the USA.
    The Vatican does not import goods from all over the world. The world didnt get rich by selling goods to the Vatican. But the world did get rich by sellling and delivering to the US. You want the truth believe what you read and stop reading what you believe. Pray about it and watch what happens.


  8. Amem glory to God. I enjoyed this bible study. Thanks for sharing and God bless you both. I ask you pray for me. Struggling with faith and doing best to give to the Lord and forgiving myself of things i done. I know God forgave me. But time to time i hate myself blame myself for things i done and can't fixed. God blesd

  9. Thank you both for your company and sharing the messages, scriptures, understanding, but most of all, sharing the love you have and the shining beacon of faith that serves as encouragement to us fellow brothers and sisters. Love you guys. Agape Love. xxx

  10. SOUTH Africa from the rest of the world is worse ; hunger is increasing ; and we do not what to do. But the government force us in to lockdown. I just wish know the seven plugs must be unleashed know to stop the lockdown in South Africa is getting worse.

  11. I am in South Africa ; if your money finish know in S Africa you will go hungry ; because of lockdown. The defense force and police do not want us outside ore you will pay a fine. We go outside and 🏃 run away from the police while others are looking fore food ; because they dont have money. The South African government take the lockdown more serious than the hunger of the people. The worst part is; we still had to pay fines while we hungry without money.


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