Who is the false prophet mentioned in the book of revelation?



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  1. First beast is no other than the illuminati. The 7 heads are the G7….
    Why it cannot be the papacy? Where is the sword wounded head represented?
    On the other hand, in Jeremiah, God explains his sword is represented by war or a battle….
    Germany on the other hand, was almost annihilated by the 2 wars, but now is already recovered….
    The papacy is the great whore….

  2. From verse 11 until the end of chapter 13 in Revelations, John's dream seems to fbe describing the second beast – the United States of America. Why then would the number 666 refer back to the beast at the beginning of that chapter – the Papacy? Are there Bible references that would clarify why this is so or am I just missing the obvious here?

  3. So you need to explain how America is going to be thrown into the lake of fire as the beast, with the false prophet, as the first two there. There are many Christians which I know the rapture will take. And others that will be saved in this horrible time. America makes war with the 2 prophets? Isaiah and Moses as a country? And kills them. We as a country bring down fire from heaven. I need a little more explanation. There are some things that you draw a conclusion that doesn’t make sense and sometimes others that do. Your build up sounds like it makes sense but sometimes the conclusions don’t. I look at the word from an open Godly perspective when I say this. Not just you but others say things and have what wasn’t a logical assumption. I hear the antichrist is a man of great stature and pleasing to the eye on other sites and America as a country can’t fill this. Everyone will listen to him or as you say a country. Most of the time our country is not seen around the world as admired. For instance you say the kingdons from Daniel interpretation of Neb dream, as you come down the statue empires all moved West and America was the last West could move. But after Nebuchadnezzar. Medo Persians empire was predominantly East. So that logical conclusion doesn’t make sense for why you say America as a country will be the beast. It could possibly be but not from the conclusion.

  4. Thanks for your videos. I have a question : if the US is the false prophet, how can a country perform miracles? Some people say the fire thing from heaven is a bomb, but that’s not a miracle! It’s science. Jesus performed miracles, NOT science. The word prophet in the bible often refers to ONE person, and never a whole country.. so why refer to a whole country as a “prophet “? God always spoke to one Prophet who would then deliver His message to a nation or country.. so I’m confused why you have chosen a whole country to be referred to as a prophet. Hope that makes sense

  5. I agree USA is the second beast…however the false prophet has to be physical if rev 19:20 states that these both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone? How can the USA be the physical unless were speaking of the President?

  6. What about the United Nations? They are planning to bring peace after chaos with agenta 21. One religion one government. What’s their role? I thought they were the false prophet which they are going to bring fake peace upon earth, plus their HQ is in New York so they are with the second beast. Can someone explain. Thanks

  7. So, the second beast is another antichrist, a false christ one, as Jesus said there were to come lots of false christs and antichrists whosoever. So, makes sense, it's from USA the rise of the false maschiah for Israel. Yes, Trump's daughter denied Jesus to marry kushner, he's zionist orthodox, she had to convert to marry him. Shalom God bless everybody in the room.

  8. We can fight for peace, for the oneness of the world but everything we do, in every way it's connected with the Bible, we are here just to fulfill the bible's prophecy. And we didn't even know that. Even some still doubt the existence of God.

  9. Rec 12.4how can it be Jesus? This was written after Jesus came and went so how could this be prophecy if he's just retelling what already happened? It's the revelation of Jesus Christ written by the apostle John. How can it be when he's writhing of the future?

  10. Has anyone noticed all these vids and people saying that nowhere in the new testament does it say Jesus is God? I'm LDS and we know Jesus is not the Father God but he is the Son God and then theres the Holy Ghost another God. We all worship 3 Gods acting as 1. I love Jesus Christ above all except God the father. Crazy isnt it.

  11. Hey attila, could you make a bible study on why some of the laws of mosess are accepted and others are not? I know that the feast/drink sabbaths and sacraficial ceremonies are done away with, but what about the other judements and statues God mentioned? Do we still have to follow the laws of meats, impurity of issues, marriage and chasity, laws of mortality and justice, the penalty of blasphemy and etc.

    If we do have to follow the laws of meats, (which seperate clean from unclean meats and helps us to stay holy and pure) then why don't we follow the other laws that keep us pure from uncleaness?? Thank you for reading this far, please make a video explaining this for me 👍, thanks!

    […]I don't eat unclean meat btw…

    But, i do eat the blood. Leviticus says over and over again not to eat the blood, but does the death of christ negate that because the sacraficial laws are done away with? We no longer need the blood for an atonement for our sins right? Give me further insight 🤝


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