Little do people realize that the final curtains have been drawn into conclusion… People you need to wake up!! The last generation of our world’s history is here. TIME IS NO MORE AVAILABLE TO BUY!!

You cannot borrow more time so u can go and sin. We are entering into the Darkest hour of Earth’s longest night in history. Will you be sealed, or will you be forsaken? Where will you be found?

The choice is up for you to make, but understand that God has given enough chance so that every individual can make up his/ her mind up to either follow him, or the ways of Satan.

How will you stand when the Lord God sends a famine for the hearing of his word? Will you cry and wish you had received him into your life when you had the chance? Or will you say “Our Lord is indeed Coming!! He is coming for us!”?

When probation has closed, and time is no more, for those that have been sealed by the Holy Ghost, to then it’s Good news. However for them who have not accepted the truth when it was being given out the last minute, it will be bad news. At that time it will be TOO LATE! No more will God accept those who have rejected him because the probation for the world has been closed.

Where will you be?



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