1. Well thank God there are others who think like I do. I see some of us have been guided by Yeshua, but most haven't. I have lost friends that were Christians, because I did not trust Trump and God showed me scriptures that show me a different reality most have in the Christian world. Very refreshing and I am glad to see I am not alone in my thinking and my being guided by the Holy Spirit of God. Yeshua bless you all and keep you all well and safe from all evil and harm.

  2. Since I found out about a mark of the beast, I knew it will somehow be connected to the medical field
    I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but my mom, being in medical field herself, always opposed my desire. I listened to her and did not go to medical school. Then I came to USA and wanted to apply to nursing school. I prayed to God whether I should go to nursing school or not and I had a strong feeling that I CAN’T go to nursing school.
    Now I know why.

  3. Read Daniel 11:9-25 with the following understanding….
    1. The northern king is a Republican president president or party leader.
    2. The southern king is a Democrat president or party leader.
    3. A covenant is a treaty or constitution.
    4. A ruler is a judge or a court.
    5. Troops, forces, and forces are lawyers.
    6. A league is an alliance.
    7. Intrigue means, a secretive elicit plan
    8. Great forces, a flood, and a mighty army all refer to the voters
    9. The word days means days

  4. Loving your discernment, by the grace of God, Levi; the Holy Spirit in me agrees wholeheartedly on modern day false prohets.

    Do not be decieved! Kim Clement is another one that raises similar red flags in me.

    Bless you & everyone here who appreciates your videos!!

  5. Elections are not the goal, chaos is! Matthew 12:25
    “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:”

  6. Brothers and sisters this is bringing division among the body of Christ stop fighting keep your eyes 👀 on Jesus Christ only don't worry about trump or Biden Jesus Christ is going to do what's best for us what's best for us is heaven not to be here forever be ready repent turning on each other is bringing division Jesus is coming repent if you have not done so God bless

  7. Thats weird when obama was president there were a lot of diseases breaking out and there was a picture of him with a crossbow also went to this place i forgot where but there was a big statue of a white horse, then when trump was president he promoted a lot of violence and war people killing each other for stupid reasons, and now with this president this false prophet pulls out a balance could it be that we will see a lot of starvation these up coming years these are pretty big signs that these past presidents are 3 of the four horsemen of the apocalypse

  8. He did say in the first minute between Nov 3 & Jan 20th anything can happen to overturn & did a motion with his hands. Just saying, still don't know what his deal is but I know the lord will reveal it in due time. Be patient & continue to pray is all we can do brother

  9. I believe that the Bible says it’s God who puts an ordained kings and he also dethrones kings so whoever gets to stay there or get in that office God allowed it even if it was someone evil it didn’t happen without God allowing it and we’re not to understand what God’s reasons are

  10. I wrote on your other video how they prophecy. They all false prophets. It just Christians are living carnal state, and lost their spiritual authority. They look for approval of people. Every Christian has eye in heaven.

  11. God's is not a liar! My faith is in Jesus. Trump was just my President. This isn't over yet if he doesn't prevail overturning the fraud, all theses so called prophets should be laughed out of town as false prophets and no Christian should ever listen to them again.

  12. Well if you think about it. What better way to further divide and tick off the people than to reverse the Biden projection. These minon evil elites are really really really wanting a civil war. Its pretty obvious. Sadly, I feel America has to fall for the minions to fully implement and push the nwo beast system into fruition..

  13. It is not over yet!!! This will be disputed in the courts and Justice will prevail

    I believe Trump will serve a second term but only because the Lord will do a miraculous thing to make it so
    I believe it is possible that all the forces of hell will come against this presidency as well

  14. You sound like a fake Christian.
    You are confusing being reproved for doing something wrong (which has to be done in person)
    vs judging someone you have no idea what is happening in their life and what kind of monsters that person has to fight.


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