Recently I went back and started re-reading the Book of Enoch, and as I did I was brought face to face with a question that had occurred to me before, but now seemed quite impossible to ignore. I share this question in this video, and invite everyone to share whatever insights or thoughts you might have on this…



  1. Fascinating video as always. love your work. Great thoughts and interesting/awesome imagery. Do you record your audio 1st and then add soundtrack & images, or do you talk over the already edited video? Just curious.. Re directions. Compasses all point to the same point, as far as we know, and whatever that is, we have labelled it north, so all our other labels are in relation to it. That is not to say that there still couldn't be 4 different locations in 4 equally different directions away from it.. That"s my thinking to it..

  2. The problem is that people think that East and West are basically left and right but that's NOT how it works…

    If folks understood that East and West are clockwise and counter clockwise then understanding the Flat Earth model would be a LOT easier…

  3. So then which direction is which? Magnetic north seems to be the (center) seems to be the hub, since it is used by a compass for navigation. How would we determine locations if we have no set direction for N, S, E or W? I'm confused.

  4. Well i think it makes sense. But if the center is its fixed point that the cardinal directions steem from then that means North, south, West, and East are relative. Somthing has to make North what is. Or else you could spin the directions around a few degrees clockwise and noone would be the wiser

  5. Does anybody out there know how many different translations of Enoch there are out there? I feel like the one I am familiar with has some things that might be mistranslated.

  6. This is so awesome. Regarding the Bible mentioning the angels controlling the winds.. They are on th four corners of the earth. Meaning yes there is a true direction for each. I agree that the globe East is not the same perhaps. The whole thing is hyperdimensional most likely beyond our limited ability to completely understand. The angels are not limited as we are neither are the higher spirits. (gods in the Bible under YHWH )
    I think those roses u mentioned are a depiction of this hyperdimensional aspect… Just projected on to a two dimensional surface. Oh are we going to be shocked by how watered down the supernatural has become to modern people! Part of the great deception.
    Keep them coming my friend

  7. Great vid….. Food for thought. Truth is, we all claim to know the answers to certain questions, and believe we possess fact and knowledge due to the answers we have to thise questions.

    We know nothing for certain, and need to clear our minds to be able to research and then consume all possibilities.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Things were a lot different in the days of Enoch, this world was different. Consider the changes brought about when God divided the land in the days of Peleg. On a single land mass, it would be easy to identify "the ends of the earth" (N/S/E/W) but you would still need to make assumptions.

  9. I love to read Enoch, It is filled with rapture verses. It's so up lifting, as the resting place of the righteous (New Jerusalem) is so wonderful it is where he chose to stay.

  10. There are so many comments and can’t possibly read through them all. I’m sorry, is there any discussion further about circumnavigation then?? I’m a truther and a flat earth advocate. I used to follow Eric Dubay religiously until I came to Jesus and now my whole entirety belongs to him. Now I just want to know more. I thirst for more and I can hardly put away my Bible. I actually dream about Jesus and reading the Bible now! I can’t get enough. I to am one of those that was shown flat earth theory about two years ago and my mind was burst open like flood gates. I couldn’t get enough. But, as such, I got a lot of scrutiny from a lot of people I felt I could trust and I renounced flat earth for a long time. Low and behold, I had an intense awakening and come to Jesus moment in my life and feel that the Holy Spirit compelled me so that I could no longer ignore the truth and, of course, I was lead right back to flat earth. Thankfully this time I was lead to your channel. You and Greg Laurie. Although, I don’t agree with his political standpoint at all, I do have your channel to turn to for help. Thank you for all that you do and all of the efforts that you put into this! Many prayers for you and your family!! I too have a young daughter that I’m praying will turn her heart to Jesus and slowly planting and watering the mustard seed in my husband as well. We are actually wanting to detach and live a life of homesteading and praying that we can build a community of God loving Christian brothers and sisters so that we can better prepare our children and their children (or however long it takes for the rapture to come) to be better prepared to stand up to evil and stand up for Christ Jesus and stay true to what the Bible teaches so that we can all be reunited in heaven again. Anyway! Prayers! Eager for more!

  11. The "Flat Earth Movement", is truly scriptures being fulfilled in the last days.
    God will pour his Spirit out on All flesh in the last days.
    His Spirit is the Word of truth.
    The very author of the Bible.
    The Holy Spirit.
    This is God's last call to mankind to wake up and stop believing what we're taught to believe by Religions, Science, Media, and propaganda.
    And just read the KJV for yourself.
    The Holy Spirit will show you the truth of his word if we simply ask him.
    John 16:13,
    The Spirit of Truth will guide you into all truth.
    1 Corinthians 2:9,
    But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.
    It's quite simple, just love the Bible,
    And believe it's words.
    God bless you all.

  12. The only reason that we associate North with the center is because we generally rely on a magnetic compass as our basis of navigation. I wonder what would happen if you ditched the compass? It doesn't help that the sun moon and stars seem to follow a circular path also. But perhaps there is some form of navigation out there that is not circular?? Just throwing it out there.

  13. Wow the Pacific Ocean absolutely Dwarfs the Atlantic. They would have us believe that the Atlantic is the second largest ocean when it appears to be a and compared to all of the outer oceans, especially the Indian Ocean. I always knew the Pacific was the biggest but clearly the Southern (Formerly Antarctic) and Indian Oceans contain the vast majority of water, with the Arctic and Atlantic being much smaller by being in the inner section of the plane.

  14. Great vid. Im amazed someone else has been thinking about this. Biblically these cardinal directions are portrayed as definitive as opposed to subjective. Also the sun is a massive mystery. Very hard to understand its paths and what map is the most accurate or if the sun is indeed the only source of light.

  15. If its in the Bible, it must be important… So it is in our best interest to investigate and try to understand. You are so right when you say Satan has twisted so much Biblical information. ( He's such a jerk!) But I believe God has/will give us eyes to see and ears to hear…some, like you, already can see and hear….some, like me, are getting there…some have no idea yet, but one day will….and some, sadly never will. I feel bad for these people… I pray for them and get really scared for them because I dont want them to die and go to hell just because they are ignorant ego maniacs or whatever…. anyway, excellent video. You really are sharp…I wish my mind worked like that. God bless!

  16. Your key phrase is:  Satan take everything and turns it upside down and inside out.  Taking what the Creator made, His ideas, His cosmology, His astrology, His Time,  His son… and perverting it, changing it to fit the worship of Him….worship of Lucifer.  And that is where the end game wraps up….when will God's cup be filled up with this evil occultish homogenization of mankind and it's gods….idol worship and astrology/Alchemistry/scientism?

  17. I guess at min. 5:52 your picture is quite telling and would make sense of Revelation 7:1-2  The angels who control the "4 Winds"   There are four corners mentioned in the Bible as well.  This is all interesting and has been misled away from Earth centered with God's attention to his peoples salvation through the Son of Righteousness our true Sun and Heliocentric model of we rotate around a Sun and thus fulfill the mystery Schools and Lucifer's concept of the Sun Worship… the East Gate….Choose you this day….whom will your serve?  It's about who some men worship and their model vs God's model.

  18. Why do we call Japan and China "the far East" ?   Why not the "Far West"?   Would not from our frame of reference Europe be the Far East?  Oh that's right we base it all on the Roman system of directions and it's geographers….. hmmmm

  19. This makes me think. Why are there different compasses for different hemispheres? I've read somewhere that compasses that are for northern hemispheres may dip to compensate when used in the southern hemispheres.

  20. There is something strange you promoting Enoch’s book. I believe there is a deception deep inside your videos as I know truth doesn’t come from Internet but directly from God via His scriptures. In fact, Internet is an artificial repository intended to freely spread human knowledge, a way to “buy and sell” human wisdom (evidently a satanic tool). Now, could you explain me exactly the purpose of your videos?

  21. The sun going down at the horizon the sun doesnt go small then out of sight it stays the same size then just drops down at the horizon everything else makes sense apart from this to me its like both sides of the flat earth are at an angle like the roof of a house

  22. What I cant understand about the f.e. Is when the sun goes down over the horizon well if it is just going out of sight due to distence then why does it not go small like objects at a distance do before they go out of sight???

  23. Very good. Cardinal and directional are two different schools of thought. Too bad the same words are used in both methods. In my opinion that's where the confusion lies.

  24. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me has everlasting life. John 6:47 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

  25. east and west on a circle..eventually West bcomes east and east becomes west..true reletivity .since the starting point is relative as well.. easy to see already.. the sins are REMOVED. Besides just knowing God won't lie… there's due faith and trust implied on the Believers part.. But just for fun.. we'll follow the thought a bit here..
    on a Flat circle, is already beyond or understanding, really. and West plus subdivisions of North South East and West.. even in a straight line, which ever straight line it ends in no man's land.. the land our Luciferian governments have claimed in order to hide God and the truth from us. in other words.. opposite sides of the outer edges of Antartica ..with us on one side and our sins on the other…somewhere else in the Bible is mentioned our sins forgiven by Christ buries them in the deepest ocean.. perhaps the waters below.. not even in sheol can anyone ever get there.. nor will anyone try or be permitted to try. any who would try in heaven would have failed other tests..and wouldn't likely be in heaven..anyway..following my human reason and thought through logical deductions past other scripture such as the teaching of not relying on our own limited understanding.. so, okay, nuff said. 😉😇oops..heard somewhere the halo was of a Luciferian reference..okay..I'll stop… really… besides that this passage.."as far as east is from West" is in context of God framing it in terms the writer can understand. ..which wow..on a roll.. implies they had a firm grasp on earth and direction/cosmology..which is the entire point..old cosmology was true.. Capernican​ utterly false.. so we know most on her have long before me.. I'm just about 4-5 months into this awakening. but the context of "as far as east is from West" is a straight line.. impossible on a globe since they come right back to the starting point. Man, the levels of lies and distortions this flat truth is exposing is amazing

  26. I just have to say… im so impressed with all your work. And this one has much merit, as far as directions being misunderstood… id like to study this more. I hope you do another vid on that specifically. God bless you!

  27. north is never described as the midst of the earth, nor south the edges or ends. east and west are two points that are as far as it is possible to be from each other.

    biblical earth is flat square, like the tabernacle and the temples. see freeanergy's channel for more.

  28. One strange appointment of a Catholic Cardinal from the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga which is  geographically located at the 30 degree angle(angel) of the South Wind (Matangi Tonga In the direction of origin of all hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean from Easter Island(the NAVEL) of the earth.). Astrological location of Aquarius. In ancient tradition it is where the Ark of Noah  went up toward Mount Ararat and landed on March 17 date.
    The Planet Saturn controls that cardinal point known as Capriconus , Aquarius, Pisces. Saturn is Satan the fallen Angel/Angle. Te Piko te hanua or Easter Island is a pyramydc shaped island filled with mysteries.


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