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  1. Most people see the Dragon as a disembodied "Satan" (not a demonically indwelled person like the Beast & FP). Most suggest the Beast IS a person indwelled by "Satan" but that's not the case. Rev 16 makes that clear — the Dragon will be a world leader (Satan indwelled), same as the Beast & False Prophet, but the Dragon is calling the shots and on top of the org chart.  Rev 16:13 says "Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the 1) dragon, out of the mouth of the 2) beast and out of the mouth of the 3) false prophet…" Obviously, the demonic spirit of Satan doesn't "come out of" himself.  He obviously uses a human "host" just as the two demonic spirits who indwell the Beast & FP.  After the 3 human hosts (leaders) have been used to bring the world to the brink of destruction, the 3 demons "exit" them to go gather all the wicked who will to Armageddon.
    Before Armageddon, the bowls had already destroyed/darkened/ended the "Beast's" earthly kingdom (which would explain why they exit their hosts), and the Beast's "authority" had also ended (his 42 months expired), so it's now on to Satan's last ditch effort: Armageddon. Keep in mind the 7th BOWL was already poured out on the AIR — which is the principalities of the air (the demonic forces). The Lord destroys the demonic forces (fallen angels who'd sided with Satan), and you notice no demon (except Satan) is ever mentioned again after the 7th Bowl occurs; their fate was the Lake of Fire (Matthew 25:41) which obviously happened at the 7th Bowl.
    After 7th bowl, SATAN is now a kingdom of 1.  Rev Ch 19 says the Beast and FP (humans) are thrown alive into the lake of fire at Armageddon. They are the first two "people" thrown into the Lake of Fire (the "fire fruits" — I couldn't help myself…lol). The others at Armageddon are just "killed," sent to Hades to await the White Throne Judgment with everyone else who wasn't a follower of God.  Satan will get 1000 years jail time and then join them in the LOF after his final stunt. (You notice Satan goes out to deceive one more time after the 1000 years but it doesn't mention another demon or anyone "with" him…just him and that effort sounds quick and over.) So the question is, who's the Dragon? I agree on the Beast Empire being Islamic but who's the Dragon that "gave the Beast authority?" China? The UN? Who?

  2. Hi! I wanted to ask if you think the coming Little Horn will arise out of "Resen" — the ancient city identified in Genesis 10:10-12, as "The Great City" (between Ninevah and Caleh) which is one of the ones Nimrod built included in his "kingdom." It is situated in/near modern day Mosul, Iraq — the same land of Nineveh, and we know Ninevah was also repeatedly called "The Great City" in scripture. Resen means "bridle/restraining device" which is a perfect description to pair with 2nd Thess 2 about the one being "restrained" until the end.  That location, belief system (Shia Islam) fits so many scriptures — the Assyrian, a little horn that rises quickly with a small army, then grows, and if that's the location, it literally returns everything, full-circle to the scene of the crime where the first city/tower (Babel) was built in defiance of God by the first true, arrogant, boastful Nimrod ("the rebel"), the grandson of the first Murderer & Liar recorded in scripture, Cain, the ancient enemy lineage of God and His people that Israel was repeatedly warned about (get rid of them, don't marry them, don't strike deals with them, etc) but they did not listen and suffer to this very day because of it (and other things). Yet this wicked line will ultimately be removed/defeated. Seems God will wrap up every loose end in graphic detail.

  3. India is the bliblical east boundaries of the 4 prophetic empires of daniel,through alexander the great as he reached ancient india an the west as britain as rome conquered them….india is mentioned two times in esther an read the 18 mixing years of Jesus which says jesus came to india an in the himalayas as apostle thomas tomb is still there in india.brexit came an EU an Turkey of the left an right main toes will rise,trading markets an the 7th head will rise again the caliphate an thus as it is written….

  4. As in the past europe will be West of roman catholic an east of greek orthodox with Mr Putin constantinople itself could be the hqrs again,Now the Christian world is divided again, then clay are there too,like us they have prophecies,So feet of romanised an clay of islamist ,will arise 10 kings that's it,the light of gospel given back by british in 1948 holding on by the extreme est US an Menorah light is rising where it will be placed in the temple,an all the kings will come in the feast of tabernacle whether they are democracy,communist,dictators….No need nor requires which form of govt.for the armegeddon an the millinial kingdom.Amen….

  5. So we are in the feet of iron an clay,EU an Caliphate rising almost to cent percent,So ten horns or kingdom for globalusm 10 region will rise Gog will be the muslim 12th caliph… It filles all the blanks

  6. You are correct,but we have feet of iron rome an clay caliphate,Rome indeed was iron an muslim as clay,just because of few terrorist or isis cutting,beheading they are not iron enough as comparison to Romans an babptism by sword

  7. You are a smart man and I can't see why you put Egypt and Assyria in the statue when it starts with Babylon and the first king and then you skip the fact that Greece has 4 heads

  8. Joel, I love your teaching and find it a great blessing. I differ on your view that the church will go through the Great Tribulation. People are being martyred daily but I’m looking for the Bridegroom as our Blessed Hope. I just can’t see Him giving his bride over totally to Satan. The “time of the gentiles is fulfilled” and God will bring to pass the Great Tribulation as he fulfills all his promises to Israel. Gentiles that are saved will be martyred but a great company will be saved.

  9. 43:54

    Does the Antichrist also turn on Satan when he declares himself as god? Or is this Satan himself declaring to be god. “Nor will he show regard for any other god” “show no regard for the gods of his fathers”

    Does the Antichrist go rogue and even break with Satan?

    A god who his fathers did not know could be referring simply to himself.

    Muslims would think you’re nuts if you ever say to them that the Mahdi will end up declaring himself to be god. That’s why he will honour a god (himself) who his fathers did not know.

  10. If the bible included the rest of the world and not solely Israel and the Middle East the bible would be 100k pages long and no one would read it.

  11. What about the almost thousand years of them slaughtering and conquering thru the middle east and Africa and then into Europe? Which in Europe they didn't succeed until now.

  12. The rock hits the statue. The ancient of days comes and sets up thrones. The seal of GOD ON PEOPLE and the 144,000. The kingdom is set up which will not be passed onto another PEOPLE. That means these people of the kingdom live forever.

  13. This makes sense to me, although I'm ignorant of the middle east nations, I know that Babylon wanted to get rid of God, and the Jews. The beast has 7 heads, only one is slain. That would not kill a person, to lose 1/7 of their abilities.

  14. Do you think Church tradition is wrong about Spiritual Israel and it’s view of no Israel/Church destination. As it seems a lot of the Israel is separate from Church stuff came out in 1830s along with rapture teaching and premillennialism, but not the historical type.

  15. "He will show no regards for the gods of his fathers." Who where the fathers of the antichrist? Daniel 11, 5-35 tells us. The seleucid kings, beginning from Seleukos I. Nikator up to Antiochus IV. Epiphany. What were their gods? The greek gods. So, the antichrist will be a final seleucid-syrian king with another god than his fathers gods. The Seleucid-Syrian Empire will rise again, obviously as an islamic empire.

    In Revelation 17, 8 the angel explains to John:
    "The beast, that you saw, that was and is not and will rise again out of the abbyss and will go into destruction."
    From John's perspektive the angel is saying: The beast was in the past (before Rome) and is not now in the present (while Rome was in charge) and will rise again in the future (sometime after Rome) and will go into destruction."

    Though, the beast must have been already existed before the Roman Empire, but didn't exist, while the Roman Empire was in charge, but will rise again at the so called endtimes.
    Maybe the historical islamic empire was the fourth kingdom of Daniel 2 and 7, or maybe at least a foreshadow of that fourth kingdom. So I believe, that the ultimate antichrist empire will be a combination of the Seleucid-Syrian Empire and an Islamic Caliphate. I believe, that Daniel 8 and 11 shows us the very roots of the ultimate antichrist, from where he comes from. In Daniel 8 we are told, he comes out of the goat, which represents the kings of Jawan, or Greece, if you will. The majestic horn was the first king, that means obviously Alexander the Great. He is the only one, who defeated the Medo-Persian Empire. After that majestic horn was broken, four great horns came instead of it. These were the four Diadochian Kingdoms. And out of one of these four great horns came a small horn, which speaks blasphemies against the host of heavens. But it's still a horn out of the goat. That means, it's a king of Jawan, or Greece, if you will.
    In Daniel 11 it's all the way pointed to a conflict between the king of the north (seleucid kingdom, Syria) and the king of the south (Ptolomaic Kingdom, Egypt). We are able to identify the king of the north as several seleucid kings and also the king of the south as several ptolomaic kings.. There are exactly seven seleucid kings described, Antiochus IV. Epiphany is the 7th (Dan.11, 21-34) one, but then there comes another one (Dan.36-45). This is the antichrist, the 8th king of the north described in Daniel 11. We can see, that all points to the seleucid kings and culmulates into Antiochus IV. Epiphany and finally into an 8th king, the antichrist. In summery the antichrist will have the seleucid kings as his roots, but he will not regard the gods of his fathers, which were the greek gods, but he will rise up as the seleucid kingdom with another god, obviously the islamic god and will reestablish the seleucid kingdom as an islamic caliphate.

  16. Let me add a very important part, The Bible SAYS that the little horn will be different than the rest.. If the SYSTEM is Islam and the little horn is Islam, That's no difference! If the SYSTEM is Europe and the little horn is Europe that's no difference

  17. I believe you are right, But I believe it will be a Roman Empire! And somehow someway an Assyrian/Islam will end up being the little BIG MOUTH HORN! I mean, after all, the Roman Empire would not hate and kill the whore/Religious system but Islam would.. And a very large amount of Europe is Islam right now. The beast system will form from Europe and somehow the Assyrian/little horn will end up controlling the beast, They have just about got it up and running now!

  18. Our western countries have always been more individualistic than most of the rest of the world. So intermingling nations and leaders makes complete sense in Bible context.


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