Youtbe is”TRUTH COMMUNITY” Is sick just like all the rest of the unawakemed masses, Some people get a couple thousand subbs and lose thier path. They begin to believe the hype that now somehow know it all, OR they become ENVIOUS and HATEFUL towards others, I find myself in an awful lot of videos. Its sad, But it is, what it is.
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  1. My Grandpa used to say to us that it is ok for people to talk about you and to ridicule you because when they are, they're leaving someone else alone. I always liked that he saw it like that. I think you do too. Keep em coming RFB. I just love you . You make my world a better place to be. So thank you, for just being you.

  2. There are cultural Christians and biblical Christians. Some just never get the fact you need to address reality. I am Acts 2:38 Christian. It doesn't mean running over people with your faith. We see what you see. People doing stupid and getting away with it! We want justice.

  3. My comments keep disappearing. Your channel is successful cuz you tell the truth,like it really is. No sugar coating! You truly are amazing! And extremely in tune with the end times!(hope you don't mind) I'm lynfromhappyvalley I'm out! Lol. God bless you Richie

  4. remember power corrupts -even if we do remember this and try to resist. plz keep making videos and don't read any of the comments yourself. spend that time with your gf. when u get big enough then pay a PA ( fiver, etc) to read comments first & to filter out that dark energy u r awesome just being u and i enjoy listening to your mindful vids.

  5. Richie don't worry about the BS you get in your comments don't worry about the ones that don't listen refuse to listen or are just to stupid to understand what your all about. like you've said on many occasions if they don't get it now they never will.  you cant get everybody on board my friend but that's ok you've done what you can so just concentrate on what you do best and keep us in the loop on what is going on and what is best to do about it. don't let the sheeple get you side tracked from the excellent work you do. keep it up buddy reply or don't : )

  6. There were a lot of videos against Richie for 'trying' to make a few squibs from his videos – i thought whats wrong with trying to make a living – but i sent some comments anyway to question him – to cut a long story short, i'm quite satisfied now Richie is more than genuine…


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