Weekly Bible study, Sabbath School Study Hour, The Book of Revelation 1st Qtr 2019. https://www.amazingfacts.org/

Presented by Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church Pastors:
– Doug Batchelor, Senior Pastor
– Jean Ross, Associate Pastor
– Shawn Brummund, Family Life Pastor

Song Leader: Debbie Thompson



  1. Pastor you need to read Great Controversy Chapter 24β€”In the Holy of Holies Daniel 7 is not the second coming. One only has to read this chapter and you will see it mentions nothing about coming to this earth. These verses in chapter 7 line up with Daniel 8 especially verse 8.14. Disappointing.

  2. I liked the fact that Pastor Doug pointed out the relationship of the 7 Churches to the Christian life. That was a well needed understanding at least for me, and that God knows my every step, failure, repentance, striving, meandering, stumbling, and indolent sleepy, lazy character. How much I need a more converted spirit within by leaning more upon the shoulder of Christ's love. His strength, His power, His obedience, His selflessness, His promises. Oh how I wish to have His character living and growing in me. To become like Him is all I want in life.

  3. If anyone has a problem with the word trinity…use the word GODHEAD! We know that the Father Son and Holy Ghost is the Godhead.
    Great start for this quarter. Remember…
    JESUS CHRIST said if you love Me keep My Commandments. ALL 1O not just the ones you think we should keep.


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