The pull of “gravity” vs. centrifugal force. A balance between an inward pull and outward push. It works on the carnival ride called the “Gravitron”, but does it really work on a globe…?



  1. And also if you take a camera point it at the sky for the night when there's lost of stars and it's clear then speed the footage up the stars will make circles like they revolve around earth!.

  2. If the earth was a ball like they say you should be able to walk on the outside of it well it spins without being thrown off! It's on the earth so it has the same tendencies is the earth it's a simulation on the real deal! Also how can you thrust with rockets in space without oxygen?? You can I watched someone put a drone in a vacuum chamber and could fly!.

  3. Centifical force?  It’s centripetal.  The centripetal force pulls you outward and the centrifugal force is opposite to the centripetal
    force.  There is no centrifical force.

    The gravitron overcomes gravity because of its centripetal force.  It’s the wall of the gravitron that stops the people from flying away. 
    No one says that this is a representation of how gravity works.  You are creating a straw man argument so that you can try to debunk it later.   But let’s move on….

    The centripetal force due to the rotation is small compared with that of gravity. A calculation for Earth at the equator (ω=2π/86164
    seconds, r=6378100 meters) shows that an object experiences a centrifugal force equal to approximately 1/289 of standard gravity. 
    So the force of gravity is nearly 300 times that of the centripetal force.

    Gravity pulls objects towards the center of the Earth.  If you go 4 miles from the North Pole, gravity doesn’t suddenly pull towards the North Pole.  It still pulls towards the center of the Earth.  So think about that some more.

    The reason planes don’t fly over the South Pole is because it’s dangerous and yes cold but not because the cold is somehow hindering
    flight.  This is another straw man argument.  If a plane went down in Antarctica any rescue attempt would be dangerous and not make it in time before everyone on the plane froze to death. The risks are too great for flights over the South Pole. And, also to great just to show some Flat Earther that it can be done.

    Geocentric satellites do not stay in orbit by a mechanism like the gravitron creates.  They stay in orbit because they are at a distance that allows the speed of the satellite to match gravity.  They do not stay in orbit because of some invisible wall.  They have a fuel supply so that they can be adjusted from time to time.  If the fuel supply should run out the satellite could come crashing down to Earth.  Why?…..GRAVITY!!!

    So, your gravitron is not like gravity. 

    Now, it looks like you’ve been at the Flat Earth thing since around April of 2015. In all that time you have failed to show that the Earth is flat.  All you’ve done is try to show it isn’t a globe.  Even if you could prove the Earth wasn’t a globe, it wouldn’t prove it’s flat.  How about stopping the nonsense and start proving that that Earth is flat?  After all, that would be your best

  4. Thank you ..finally ….I have been saying this and posting this with no response forever…. give me a photo at the pole a video … don't goto space …. show me here . And don't get me started on parallax. …. how does the north star stay in one spot? With the wobble ..summer winter solstice the spin and rotation around the sun too. And the moon …can't see the other side ..even with satellites on an eclipse with the sun shining on that side …. simple shyit…. simple f-kn shyit. And every time you ask some idiot comes with a "yo mama joke" well let's get rolling 🙂rant complete follow me on instgram

  5. "riding" the globe earth is the same as you riding the scrambler at an amusement park, only 1000+ miles an hour slower.. not a flat earther/head, just curious, need to know. and that's all i know, but enough to see no globe with the numbers given.

  6. The balance point where gravity and force balance. We park geostationary satellites in that distance. Lower and at the rate the earth turns will fall down, but without restraint tend to advance faster and orbit lower. Above and locked to the earth rotation rate and they spin out, but again without restraint, they orbit higher and at a longer orbit like the moon.

    Take a physics class. Low earth orbit, not in sync with earth rotation. High orbit, not in sync either. At the correct altitude, gyro synchronous either polar, sun synchronous nearly polar, and geostationary.

  7. Lol you idiots don't believe a ball spinning at 1000 mph isn't possible because we'd all feel it or fly away? Have you idiots ever been in a car? You don't get pushed back in your seat no matter how fast you're going if you're going at a constant rate. Same applies to earth.


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