Does the Biblical Flood even make any sense in the globe model? How much water would it even take to cover the tops of the mountains anyway? What about the old “water vapor canopy model?

What does the Bible actually say…….



  1. I'll tell you were it went. It went to the ocean which wasn't as deep till the flood.. A round earth is not hard for me to conceive because the miraculous ways of God are neverending and with a globe being our home makes Him all the more fascinating. And who knows how much Earth was actually exposed then till after the flood again making it the more 70%.

  2. I just had a very strange thought. The giants chopped down the giant tree's that were supplied with water from the waters below. The waters below went up through the trunks and out onto the earth.

  3. I feel like skipping. I'm so happy all the years have a learning and school I never could understand what they were teaching you didn't make sense. So now I feel like a happy kid. Wish we could all be in one place now learning together as in school not Google.

  4. I know I'm late but did you see that article where they found water in a 4th state deep in the crust?
    Excerpt: "It may equal or perhaps be larger than the amount of water in the oceans," Northwestern University geophysicist Steve Jacobsen said Friday in a telephone interview. "It alters our thoughts about the composition of the Earth."
    "It's no longer liquid water that we're talking about at these great depths. The weight of hundreds of kilometers of rock and very high temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 Fahrenheit) break down water into its components. And it's not accessible. It's not a resource in any way," Jacobsen added.

  5. Cleopatras Palast in Alexandria is still under Water & the Obelisks in Istanbul are two Meters under the actual Ground Level –> Mood Flood……

    I think it's possible that Adam = Jesus (Horus, etc… ) & Eve = Maria (Isis, etc…. )……
    The Holy Grail are the decendants of Both…..

  6. No wonder I missed this, looking at the date, too close to my FE conversion.
    4.2 times the amount of currently available water needed to cover the highest mountain by said amount in Genesis, Where did it come from and where did it go? Awesome questions that can only be answered by the Biblically Flat Earth. By Container, Windows of Heaven and the Fountains of the Deep. Without water above the Firmament, the flood would be impossible. Love it… Great ammunition to Christians who believe the Flood Account. Added to Thank you so so much.

  7. I agree that the worldwide flood makes a LOT more sense on the flat-Earth model than on the globe-Earth model. For one thing, the area that the water would have to cover would be a LOT less than on a globe, and we also cannot assume that Mt. Everest existed before the Flood, which would lower the height of the tallest land mass – that it was created by post-Flood geological processes. I'm also thinking that the 200-foot tall ice wall we call "Antarctica" would have something to do with this – either as holding back the Floodwaters or perhaps much of this Floodwater is stored in the ice wall itself.


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