The Great Reset January 2021
God’s roadmap to the end

Shocking CDC admits ONLY 9,210 died from C19 NOT 153,000
Jennifer LaFontaine
Prophetic Dreams Asteroid 2018VP1

Falling skies
Greenland 2020

Much Love To You Allβ™₯️🌎



  1. This is so strange….I have never watched any of the above, but about two weeks ago, I sat quietly and asked my higher self what would the collective emotions of the people on the planet be over the next 3 months and I saw the typed word 'mortality' and then an image of a black swan. I then asked for more clarification and I got november 4th and 'split in half', I then saw a huge split from north pole to south pole right along the atlantic ridge and a huge range of mountains pushing up with some flat areas in between and the planet expanding. A black swan event is something so unexpected and cataclysmic that no one could see coming and it is used usually in describing world economics. I am stunned at the information in this video! We must be tapping into something but is it an old timeline? We create our reality and we all need to take back our inner power collectively. Keep on doing what you are doing. Much love to you.

  2. Thank you! I used to remember my dreams upon waking, then went several months, seemingly without dreams, and had a vivid dream about a micro nova. That was in June of this year, and I haven't been able to remember any dreams since. Thank you EP for all you do! I'm not on line much anymore, and so happy to find you well and in the light:) Big Love Namaste!

  3. The frequencies are strong because I randomly thought about bombs earlier and my 9yr old wanted to talk about natural disasters at 1 this morning which led to a conversation about the fault lines. October is the month that has been said that a wave is coming whether it's spiritual or physical but it will be devastating for most. Unfortunately, war could be coming…always be prepared and stay vigilant.

  4. N NW E SE are common directions of our celestial object and the destruction that people are shown in there dreams and visions or if your like me through alien abduction. When the earth come under the influence of these objects the climate has been warming and ecosystems changing . We should be all trying to get protection from asteroids or meteor storms that are going to impact. We should have bunkers readied for us all instead of just the elite. Food security and production should be a top priority and new systems developed under ground this would be valuable technology for mars or a habitat in space. We have had fore warning EP.

  5. Hello darling. I seen half of this. And alot reconate whith me and dreams. They are wery strong now. But as you now. Iam healer,sensetive. So i have this strong feeling in my gutt. Like it can be paradise or dust of evrything. My intuition have saved my life so many timmes. But now. I know i will go soon. But its ok. I been spreding the truth. I learned the hard way. That pride go before hard fall….
    And so humbly. That i dont now anything. The only thing i do now. Is that i been lied since i was a kid. Scool. Crazy. And all stress,way. And then angry. All this angry sheeps that scream to each other. Way. Dont they evolve. Last 50year. Human got stupid and more stupid.
    Me to sadly. But iam aware of it.
    Love,healing. You are . Have no words. You now.
    Peace and love from jochen in northen sweden. Have it best

  6. well this is not new, it just strating to leak in average people head, released the plan in june, and I think how long they talking in the behind god nows. Puzzles… I am sure economy need to be changed, but it should be done via human needs , not again by the top 0,1%….

  7. Transformer age of extinction and the last night shows so much truth of what's coming! They are continuously playing it over and over. Marvel is advertising new trailers for black Adam. Throw out what you have been taught and trained! The truth is coming out and it will be revealed. Religion is the deception. Think outside the box people. They are not genociding and killing black people just because of race! It's way more bigger than that! Check out the movie project power with Jamie fox! It's all about genes and DNA and who the real asset is for mankind!

  8. Regardless of what happens around us maintain a vibe of Love. The greatest commandment is to Love.
    Love is an action word. Care for each other, look after those in need. We will all be in need during these trying times. Peace and Much Love to you Carrie.

  9. I need to pick different videos to watch before I go to sleep.
    Your work is outstanding as usual Carrie. Thank you. And I thought I was safer than a lot of places but not with this new crack map. Just have to face it and keep praying. Some people don't believe in prayer, they say it won't save you.
    Little do they know.
    Love you girl.

  10. Trump isn't very smart and neither are his followers…they need to learn to read, rather than just believing what some strangers are Tweeting. The 6% of the Covid deaths is where Covid was the only listed cause of death. The other 94% listed Covid AND whatever underlying health condition these people had…Asthma, heart disease, diabetes,etc.

  11. The girl who does my readings said she had a dream that 10 days of darkness was coming. She said her guides have only shown her things that were going to happen a few times in her dreams that were real the 10 days of darkness was one of them. I do believe something big is coming too. It makes sense why my life is the way it is right now. And off subject gmail will not let me send you anything else. Nor am I able to send anything planet, sky, video or pictures. Hmmmmm much love Tree πŸŒ²πŸ˜‡πŸ’•

  12. I suspect the Greenland release is being held off to have the most effect. It's obviously not being held back for the theaters to open.
    Love your work! Thank you for your kind and loving nature. πŸ₯°


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