Episode 280: On this episode, a brief update on the Election Fraud, Biden speech in Delaware, Flippy is Yoda, 33 updates including perhaps the most ridiculous headline ever, NWO updates from ASU and Food Business, Steve Jobs had HIV, Quantum Internet Breakthrough, AI Savior or Saboteur, broken leg AI, Great Reset on FOX, Great Reset vs Bitcoin, Australian pastor hates “Conspiracy Theories,” will the Pope step down? Does this mean Aliens are here, or dead everywhere? Former CIA Brennan approves aliens, 2x Cardinals get the rona, UK mutation is bunk, no waccine for women who want to get pregnant, and microwave drone killers! #GreatReset #AI #Quantum

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  1. I thought the pope was "infallable" as "Christ on Earth" shouldn't he know when he will leave. I mean according to catholic doctrine the popes word is God's Word. Oh I get it, Satan isn't quite sure of the pope handover and since that is the Catholic god there is some confusion.


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