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  1. Not all the time would people die of persecution. Just look at Daniel and his two friends…They were thrown into the hot furnace and all three of them did not die. Look at Noah and his 7 others. They did not have to die. They were all protected by God in the midst of tribulation. Not everyone will die in the Tribulation, but they did go DIA through the Tribulation.

  2. @Wendy Clark, I believe your mother who passed a couple of months ago, was actually right about the Rapture happening at such and such times. May you and your mother be up in heaven together in due time when the Rapture happens!

  3. Note: First+Comment🙌
    ALL+WAYS Thank You BeLOVED Brother from Sydney Australia 🙌
    for once again sharing THEternal TRUTH in LOVE =TRU📖LUV! Much Respect and Appreciation in Holy Sovereign God King Lord ANDefinitely our SAVIOURedeemer Yahusha👑Jesus!




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