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  1. prayed for confirmation and He quickly reminded me He has been randomly showing me the numbers 911 for probably a year now. Plus in the Spring I was working and thinking how much longer Lord and pondering how all these people just took the stab and how it is the mark. He reminded me that it cannot go on much longer because of that simple fact, the mark is here and taken. I’m simply distracting myself with flowers because I go from sadness, overwhelmed, heavy, ready to go, anxious for things to get going, all the above I’m feeling over here. Praying & repenting on repeat. This week He has had me memorize psalm 23, i knew bits and pieces but always had to reread it. When He wakes you up at 3 am to memorize then thats what you do πŸ₯° thankful for y’all and knowing He won’t leave us during this wild time. Please pray for my husband as i think he still secretly thinks I’m nuts thankfully he is unjabbed but idk if he believes it is the mark as the majority of his family took it.

  2. You should do another LIVE chat which really is a great fellowship! I fiind myself nodding and saying yes sister outloud during your videos. God seems to be finally bringing together some brothers and sisters during these last days for confirmation and encouragement. As the days get darker voices of the collective Holy Spirit gets louder because time is getting shorter.


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