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Backed by stunning illustrations, David Christian narrates a complete history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the Internet, in a riveting 18 minutes. This is “Big History”: an enlightening, wide-angle look at complexity, life and humanity, set against our slim share of the cosmic timeline.

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  1. He listed the internet before fossil fuels, but once fossil fuels are depleted, there will be no more internet. When energy declines, complexity declines, so we very, very close to peak complexity now. Renewables, nuclear, etc., ultimately it all depends on a finite recoverable resource of buried hydrocarbons.

  2. Well the fools didn't know that to nothing you shall return … thousands of light years from here .. only on conditions.. if you ain't stuck to earth … just like the physical has a life cycle .. but there is invisible being .. like the atoms molecules germs microscopic viruses… your soul too is .. part of the universe… GypsyTrail ✌️👍😜

  3. This man is completely ignorant of the fundamental processes at work. The universe is processing information at a fixed speed at the quantum level resulting in……

  4. Brilliant tutorial! Unfortunately, it seems inevitable that the predatory nature that made humanity the Apex predator, will also be the cause of our extinction through an accidental or intended nuclear holocaust. 🙁

  5. HAAA the Cuban missiles, what can we say about the children who died in Hirochima and Nagasaki and amazingly the Cubans weren't involved there. As for the great story, it is an allegory for the second degree.

  6. Wow this speech make believe more in God then ever, how many trillion times winning a lottery it is if from nothing came to be everything without a creator and how amazing everything is ! the complexity of life , its easy to remove the Creator out of equation then when you don't mention that is not only life evolve, how about chemicals evolution the laws of physics evolution, the solar system evolution or in that matter the universe evolution people only imagine one factor not whole picture in this case the whole museum or better saying every art even created or to be created because you alone are a complex being from the top of your hair to the bottom of your feet you are built not by accident or lucky but you was made yes intelligent design by the fine print feel bad for kids being thought the lie of evolution theory in schools and media as it is fact ! Truth is true science is not being thought anymore all they have is the teachings of perversion and rebellion probably easy to manipulate the mass later on !

  7. the only pity is that we are fighting for resources. And it is a pity that one person can manage millions and billions. It feels like this collective mind is being killed in us, for the sake of some kind of power and money. These people are parasites of one big organism, and do not deserve forgiveness
    Sorry my English. I don't speak English

  8. "Spontaneous intelligence " … this is like watching a video of someone showing off their "perpetual motion/ energy mechanism " on YouTube. Look into Genetics. Everytime we have an offspring, DNA looses information. Looses traits. According to him, we spontaneously gain traits due to "mutations" . So, if someone grows a 3rd leg from a mutation, that allows him to run faster, will his offspring also have 3 legs? Absolutely not. The third leg would have had to been already dorman in the genetic code to begin with. Understand this… a horse will always be a horse… it cannot be a monkey in 65 billion years. If anything.. it will eventually be a diluted horse with most of the diversity it used to have, gone. A pug will never go back to being a wolf. The information is lost.

  9. I have a problem with all of this. They keep saying; "Suddenly" it all appears. What does that mean? That suddenly everything in the universe came from nothing? I'm sorry but nothing x nothing + nothing is nothing! There had to ALWAYS be something- no matter where it came from. Impossible you say? Yes, but telling me something came from nothing doesn't cut it! Even if a consciousness started everything, a consciousness is Something!
    Being there is no end to space, then there was no beginning and no end. (If there is an end to space- what's on the other side?) It's almost frighteningly mad to think about it!
    The other thing is all of this is explained as if it is fact. The scientific community needs to stop and take a step back to their own rules. Unless it is absolutely proven, then it is theory! Yet they keep telling us this as facts. A HUGE mistake if they want to keep their standing among the people. They have been wrong so many times, a little humble pie wouldn't hurt them a bit.


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