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  1. I don’t think the woman was supposed to grab his hand that way. If she was in America Secret Service would have shot her. Lol. She should have known better than to grab his hand that way.,

  2. The rapture what's going to be the first resurrection that's when the church is taken out of the world and the dead in Christ will be resurrected the second coming is when we come back with Jesus after being in the clouds on the last seven years and then he will stepped on the Mount of Olives and fight against armies of antichrist. The rapture we will meet him in the clouds and many people will not even notice what happened between the second coming is that all eyes will see him in the sky on this flat Earth the Bible talks about two different events one will meet him in the clouds only holy people (Christians) and the Angels are not going to separate no one the other one every one will see him even the ungodly wicked people the church is not going to be here present on Earth the final days only the unbelieving jews that don't believe in Jesus because he will spare us from the judgment of this world so we don't have to suffer with the sinners. Another thing you missed out we will meet him in the sky when the rapture happens Jesus is not going to descend to Earth GOD going to meet us in the clouds and at not time he's going to desend the second coming the angels are going to separate the good from the bad and Jesus Christ is going to descend from heaven with a shout


  4. For those that are reading this comment, i ask you to pray for me for i have been living a sinful life up until now. I am going to start repenting from all my sins and follow my saviour who is Jesus Christ himself.

  5. It’s funny you said “for pete’s sake”. Peter was supposed to be “the rock” on which the Catholic Church was founded. His name literally translates as stone or rock. The pope is the father of perdition and his ‘church’ holds the cup of abominations. The Catholic Church is guilty of the most wicked and depraved acts in history. They tortured millions with the ‘inquisition’ and murdered South American natives for their gold which went to the Vatican coffers. They burned people alive, boiled people alive, spit roasted human beings, poured molten lead down people’s throats, stuck red hot irons up the rectums of people. They institutionalised child abuse, stole from the blind and blaspheme the first born of creation on a daily basis. They don’t worship God they worship Lucifer as can be heard in their Latin songs. They are a den of snakes. I went to a Catholic boarding school and a priest tried to groom me for sex when I was a boy but somehow I knew that his intentions were bad and I stayed away from him. There are many other gospels than the ones that made it into the bible. What was allowed in was decided at the Council of Nicaea in Rome. Saul who murdered Christians suddenly realised he could take advantage of Christian forgiveness and bring down Jesus’ (pbuh) message by saying he had had a vision of Christ and to start telling congregations what God and Jesus wanted. Jesus is not God, there is no trinity. God is one, he is uncreated and has existed at all times and his word shall endure for eternity. He is the God of all worlds, no one stands beside him. There are those on earth who hear his call and become ascended masters or prophets like Abraham, Moses, Zarathustra, Krishna, the Buddha , Jesus (pbuh) Mohammed (pbuh) and many more stretching back into aeons that have been forgotten to history. I know this will not be a popular opinion among those who have been misled and believe Christ is God and who worship a trinity. Christ claimed to be the son of man and was called the sone of God. He was the son of God. The very first creation of God was Jesus. That is why he is called the ‘firstborn of creation’ and is described as the head corner stone. Jesus did die on the cross, he was resurrected three days later and appeared to his disciples and Mary. He then ascended to heaven alive from the same spot Mohammed ascended into heaven from later. Choose your prophet and choose his message alone, not the message of others that come along and adulterate it such has been done in Christianity and Islam.
    I could be wrong, but this is the opinion I’ve formed after a lifetime of research, and I’ve searched in just about every place there is to look. There is much more that I have discovered or learned but here is not the place to bring such things up.
    Peace and love to all. Above all remember compassion, empathy love and mercy. If you can not forgive then why should the most high forgive you?

  6. Even Jesus knew when his cloak had been touched. Roman Catholicism and all off shoots are the Babylon system. It’s funny watching the pope like that and he’s supposed to be infallible. Paul ruined the message of Christ. Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie have updated the truth. Jah bless, ever living, ever loving, ever faithful Jah Rastafari. The pope is a down presser man. In the end pressure gonna drop on him.


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