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    By Francois Gautier.
    Diversity in Divinity and Unity in Spirituality.
    1) Believe in God ! – Aastik – Accepted
    2) Don't believe in God ! – You're accepted as Nastik
    3) You want to worship idols – please go ahead. You are a murti pujak.
    4) You dont want to worship idols – no problem. You can focus on Nirguna Brahman.
    5) You want to criticise something in our religion. Come forward. We are logical. Nyaya, Tarka etc. are core Hindu schools.
    6) You want to accept beliefs as it is. Most welcome. Please go ahead with it.
    7) You want to start your journey by reading Bhagvad Gita – Sure !
    8) You want to start your journey by reading Upanishads – Go ahead.
    9) You want to start your journey by reading Purana – Be my guest.
    10) You just don't like reading Puranas or other books. No problem my dear. Go by Bhakti tradition . ( bhakti- devotion)
    11) You don't like idea of Bhakti ! No problem. Do your Karma. Be a karmayogi.
    12) You want to enjoy life. Very good. No problem at all. This is Charvaka Philosophy.
    13) You want to abstain from all the enjoyment of life & find God – jai ho ! Be a Sadhu, an ascetic !
    14) You don't like the concept of God. You believe in Nature only – Welcome. (Trees are our friends and Prakriti or nature is worthy of worship).
    15) You believe in one God or Supreme Energy. Superb! Follow Advaita philosophy
    16) You want a Guru. Go ahead. Receive gyaan.
    17) You don't want a Guru.. Help yourself ! Meditate, Study !
    18) You believe in Female energy ! Shakti is worshipped.
    19) You believe that every human being is equal. Yeah! You're awesome, come on let's celebrate Hinduism!
    "Vasudhaiva kutumbakam" (the world is a family)
    20) You don't have time to celebrate the festival.
    Don't worry. One more festival is coming! There are multiple festivals every single day of the year.

    21) You are a working person. Don't have time for religion. Its okay. You will still be a Hindu.

    22) You like to go to temples. Devotion is loved.

    23) You don't like to go to temples – no problem. You are still a Hindu!

    24) You know that Hinduism ☺ is a way of life, with considerable freedom.

    25) You believe that everything has God in it. So you worship your mother, father, guru, tree, River, Prani-matra, Earth, Universe!
    26) And If you don't believe that everything has GOD in it – No problems. Respect your viewpoint.
    27) "Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu " (May you all live happily)
    You represent this! You're free to choose, my dear Hindu!
    This is exactly the essence of Hinduism, all inclusive .. That is why it has withstood the test of time inspite of repeated onslaught both from within and outside, and assimilated every good aspects from everything . That is why it is eternal !!!

    There is a saying in Rigveda , the first book ever known to mankind which depicts the Hinduism philosophy in a Nutshell " Ano bhadrah Krathavo Yanthu Vishwathah" Let the knowledge come to us from every direction "

  2. What effect does the newly emerging Hebrew manuscripts of the New Testament have to current theology? They solve contradictions in the Greek like the genealogy of Christ, the seat of moses and following the torah instead of their takanot, the actual reason why the veil of the temple split, and why the last supper was actually a Tuesday, as examples. Shouldn’t we rewrite the bible to more correctly take into account these things?

  3. It doesn't say in the description, but this is part of Dr Pitre's commentary for the Second Reading on the Fourth Sunday of Easter for Year C, which we just celebrated. Scripture is from Revelation 7:9, 14b-17.

  4. I had a dream couple weeks ago and I believe it’s a warning of the end time.
    I looked up the sky three times and I saw three different visions. 1st- I saw a white horse running very fast in the sky, I started asking people around anyone saw that white horse running in the sky. A woman ran up to me showed me her cellphone and said she recorded and when I looked at the video on her cellphone I said that’s not the white horse I saw but that’s a gray horse (I didn’t know the gray horse was mentioned in the book of revelation). 2nd time I looked up the sky to showed the lady the white horse, instead I saw a black shield going by up in the sky (that’s the antichrist-not good) and I was still looked up yelling out anyone seeing that white horse (no one was on the horse and that black shield?!!) no one was listening to me but busy shopping, talking in the busy streets, mall and looked like I was in Europe than I saw my sister said something is happening I’m leaving- do you want to go with me? My other sister came out of nowhere said can I go with you too? I looked around asking if anyone else wanted to go with us- no one answered me. I felt people stated panicking than I looked up the sky and saw the most BEAUTIFUL COLORS OUT OF THIS WORLD ON THE OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE IN THE SKY. In the sky after the white horse, black shield and Our Lady and I left the area go home packed up and started on the run (idk where to) and my dream ended.

    I prayed couple days after that dream and I came thinking the antichrist is here already in the world, grey horse and black shield chaos in the world and Our Lady of Guadalupe- she will crush and help destroy them! I pray my own dreams and translation of my dreams are some what right.


    Jesus please increase my faith, bring my daughters (and siblings) back to you and “Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ save us and the whole world.”
    Jesus I trust in you- save souls. 🙏🏼🩸💦

  5. Why are we not clear about the word "ethnos" all the time, for mostly people seem to translate it in English as the neologism "gentiles" to change the meaning to "non-Israelites," when in reality it usually refers to the "tribes" — most often the scattered tribes — of Israel, through which, by Jesus's redemption of them, the whole world is blessed with the knowledge of Christ, as you rightly say?

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