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  1. i am not even shocked to be honest all was written aforetime for our learning need i mention ive seen what goes on in the darkness and in secret not all in it's entirety thank God but enough to turn around and run to Jesus Christ these workers of iniquity are truly sinisterly evil!

  2. This is completely outrageous. I don't understand why the schools today allow these children to see a pole dancer. This is why my Christian friends who are married, they homeschool their children to be better person when they grow up. These teachers in the kindergarten are not true shepherds and the children are lost sheeps. I feel so sorry for them. Heavenly Father, please forgive these children for they do not know they are doing it wrong. ;(

  3. In the puplic schools elementary can ask for condoms….they do not tell you that…I pulled my kid out in 1986 when i found that out. They can masturbate also…the teacher has to put them in the back of the school. This is all true in Hinesville, GA,,,a military town…I was President of the Homeschooling group and loved it….pulled my kid out in 86….they still do this…wake up parents!

  4. This also happened at my kids school …the teachers all taught young boys to strip dance wirh their pens hard in front of entire assembly including the primaries grade 1 and 2 upwards to grade 12 …it was perverted dancing and all teachers laughed at it …i recently pulled my boys our of school cause I complained and school said they will call police on me if I went on school property and my kids were not allowed to call home …this is in Nova Scotia Canada …take care

  5. It is outrageous and us Christians are considered heretic and old-fashioned and they threw the Ten Commandments out of the classroom years ago so that Satan could bring in his demon doctrines in and warp our children

  6. It is true very true. Here in Canada right now that is what is going on. Some parents are not aware of this yet. Right now I mean very soon they are planning of going to our kids school and giving them paper to sign of what they would like to become without the approval of their parents. So please parent talk to your kids tell them never to sign anything in their school without you not knowing what it is that they’re being told to sign.

  7. If the parents were more mindful of GOD then they can see through this evil and take their children away in protest, why stay and indoctrinate the children ? Don't accept evil ! Parents also need to be not in the evil spirit.

  8. They will be more than shameful and tormented in the lake of fire. That is Satan's daughter and his children are the ones who take part in this activity being allowed. They might be wise and smart at MP3 players and such? But know not the Heavenly Father. Screams will be so loud in the punishment for all the evil ones of this world

  9. Absolutely so sickening just to even think about it ever even coming to that, children are supposed to be innocent. And protected by other parents and family members I know I was. This is becoming unbelievable all perverts!!! To hell with them!!! They're the ones you need the geeateen, 😈 the satanic ones!!! Jesus will be here soon to take care of this problem! Thank you Lord…❀

  10. I went to a neighbors house and the TV was on some Disney program . There was a little girl in the room ( 4 or 5) dancing with the program on the big TV screen. SheΒ  was being trained for stripper/ pole dancer in the privacy of her living room.Β Β  I could not believe what I was seeing.

  11. No its not acceptable at all!! Lord help us all😲 I have 9 grankids and 1 one on the way but the children old enough for school are being home schooled praise God… we didn't like what was happening in the schools before and now this…its down right disgusting!! What next will satan think of? God bless keep on posting your good knowledge, shocking lol but oh so good thank you😊

  12. It's crazy for words, What I saw walking around in my town this summer: I wondered why some of them still wore clothing, As if it made a difference!
    This world is a cesspool, and I hate the devil! What a jerk !

  13. ….and deliver us from evil…. we know evil does not win. Hard to watch the battle sometimes. JOIN ME AND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS THAT PRAY EVERYDAY AT 11:00am. Wherever you are on this planet….. JOIN US. I set the alarm on my fon and no matter what I am doing I PRAY AT 11:00am. For thine is the kingdom and power forever…

  14. What do you think of people who practice pole dancing as a form of fitness? It's becoming a trend now, it's become another form of circus art (like silk/aerial dance or trapeeze or hoop…cirque du soleil type stuff). I do think there's a difference between that and teaching kids how to dance on a pole sexually in the way a stripper would. I don't know, maybe that's a convenient excuse to normalize this sort of thing?

  15. πŸ’₯ I Homeschool
    And will NEVER send my children to public…. Charter schools Are private either!

    I experienced Almost All kinds of craziness! It was a nightmare what we went through

    We need to quit looking for the easy way! And look after our children!

    Here's a glimpse what we went through!


    2, BULLING,

    3, NOT even teaching my one of my children!!!

    ( Proof)

    He didn't even know how to add and subtract!!!
    Found that out our first week of Homeschooling!

  16. This is awful! Another thing, you said this is in China? They say no to belief and faith in Almighty God, but this for Kindergarden is ok. Here, in the US, there are known schools that are allowing Drag Entertainers to come into the youngest children, to read them a story, and the storybook is tweeked by the Drag entertainers ( men dressed like women lots of make up, big hair, and flashy costumes/dress). There is a very purposeful plan that are coming for our kids! They want to get our children thinking what they have chosen for themselves is something these little kids should admire and think is cool!

  17. Well firstly Pole dancing is a sport and people of all ages do it and compete. That being said this performance that is the focus of this news story was very exotic style and not appropriate for kids. Had it been a different style it would have been fine. Now I did see a different video finally that showed at the very end a small portion of a second performer that was wearing a white outfit and seemed to be much more appropriate.

  18. This is definitely NOT normal!! Schools are no place for things such as this. Being a stripper is not something that our girls should aspire to be or imitate! Our boys also shouldn't be exposed to this objectification of women. It's just wrong on too many levels. I'm totally shocked at that video…

  19. That's the reason the school system was set up so that they can exploit, indoctrinate, and teach our children lies! That's why I say that school is nothing but a prison system for children. Just look it up for yourself and you will see the similarities of school and prison are staggering! Children have never and do not belong in school! If children were meant to go to prison everyday, wouldn't the Bible or Jesus have said so? I think so. So praise to all that have never and do not send their children to prison everyday. I do not have children of my own, but would like to, but I just cannot see releasing a child into this world. Because I would never send them to prison or get them vaccinated and by not doing those two things I risk clowns in uniform coming to my house and kidnapping them for not following their fucked up rules! That, and several other reasons why I am anti-cops and anti-military. Because as the great Mark Passio says, "ALL order followers are bad people! Period." There are none that don those uniforms that are good people in any way, shape, or form. Hence the world would be the Eden of the Bible if we do away with these three entities: the police, the military, and the government. And one more. Any rulers of any kind. Then we would finally have peace on earth! God bless you all in Jesus name!

  20. Thanks for the video these type of people is Satanist so they trying to brain washed the children, these people are really working hard for their lord Lucifer and his kingdom

  21. My daughter starting part time school next week ,not sure what to do ,as she's asking to play with the children ..I don't want to keep her away from children but don't want her in school either's really difficult..

  22. Wow morals went out the window here! What do you expect from China! It’s not like the USA is any better. Make no mistake… my kids go to School but our bond is solid as a rock! Nothing comes between that my friend. My children know what’s going on in this world. They like their teachers and care deeply for their friendships but they don’t make it their life dear. I’ve raised my kids well . They have good solid minds, not easily manipulated.


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