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  1. https://youtu.be/jZ7br4IayTEhttps://youtu.be/awIOF46IRCwhttps://youtu.be/awIOF46IRCw
    Stop Participating in Heathen Customs

    Israel's Promises for the Last Days

    True Hebrews are waking up.

    Why We Need the Ruach

    These are Hebrews

    Passover 2018

    The Religion that Descended from the Council of Nicea

  2. Did they have pants in biblical days? As i try to look at the people of that time i dont see pants in that era. So i wonder if it meant some other type of clothing article instead of pants??

  3. I Love you Deacon Yawasap, you carry yourself well, as I can see, like men ought to carry themselves. I am a sincere person about knowing the truth an am somewhat opinionated, I do believe women should hold their peace at times. But I am one who speaks out to inform others. That we (so called Black Folk) are here in American to be slaves, to be abused as long as we don't do the Commandments. I find that money is taken from us on a daily basis. Taxes we pay on a car we already bought, insurance on that car, smogs, licenses and we are constantly accepting the false stuff made up to extract money from our pockets. How can we STOP this?

  4. Thank you, elders, for your mature, parental like, cause and effect, explanation, for our peoples bad behaviour. And how we can correct it. Through FATHERS YAHS WORD. All praises to THE MOST HIGH HEAVENLY FATHER YAHAWAH ELOAHEEM. IN HIS SAVIOUR YASHUA, YESHUA, YAHAWASHI, aka NEGRO MAN JESUS THE CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Rev 1 v 14-15. HOLY NAME.

  5. Heavy stuff deak..hiding things in plain sight..they called us black(dead) . Just to hide our God given name from us ISRAEL…AP deak, this is so heavy… You get it or you don't…WOW…

  6. Mane Deacon Yawasap truly bring the sense all the way out w/ pure love & passion for TMH and Israel

    He make me examine myself while im listening LW i can reach this level to teach & guide the ppl


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