The Jesus Film is a Christian movie directed by Rice Broocks. It is the first film to present the story of Jesus of Nazareth in an accurate and entertaining way. The film was created by Campus Crusade for Christ International, with the support of the church of Christ. It is based on the Four Gospels of the Bible – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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  1. All Glory be to The Living God OUR Lord AND Saviour Jesus Christ! THANK YOU MY DEAR LORD FOR BEING HUMILIATED, DESPISED, HATED, SORRY ON AND CRUCIFIED so that I may have everlasting life with you in HEAVEN!

    side note: this movie butchered the gospel a lot.

  2. Muslim praying to God, fasting and give money to poor and they are being killed all over the world. What Jesus said we be true for Muslim. He said son of man supper much more from rejected and he will be put to death and went to paradise. Prophet mohammad sw said there is life after death. You will be judged by God of Ibrahim. According to our prophet God sent many prophet to many nations but each time people stay away from God.

  3. Such an anointed film. Think of the millions and millions throughout the world who have watched this. My favorite scene was when Jesus smiled at poor Matthew the hated tax collector and kind of gestured to come with Him. Matthew broke out in a big smile, dropped his collection bowl and went with Jesus without hesitation.

  4. All Praise Glory and Thanksgiving belong to God. Iam from India. God is good. In todays checkup doctors are amazed that they have never witnessed such speedy recovery from necrotic slough in foot after surgery. surely this is the work of almighty God. Once again thanking him for His compassion- In precious Jesus Name

  5. I watched this when I was 8/9 now I’m 30 and I always believed in God I got discouraged one time and God brought me back on track praise the Lord Jesus christ Son of the Living God amen

  6. I'm a non-religiois Christian. I believe that God existed and Jesus existed in some time. That's all. But, I enjoyed watching this movie. Though I prefer the old soundtrack. Idk why they changed it.


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