Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is a global superstar boasting multi-platinum records as a recording artist and producer and also a multi-billionaire who owns the fashion label Yeezy. Ye however was recently removed from social media platforms after he sent a tweet that was deemed anti-Semitic.

Piers Morgan Uncensored invited Ye for a two-hour interview to discuss his inflammatory statement and ask if he’s sorry for the offence he caused. Days after this interview, he was dropped by Adidas.

In this exclusive, Piers Morgan asks Ye about his comments on the Jewish community, the death of George Floyd, his marriage with Kim Kardashian, the relationship he has with their children.

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  1. Ye or Kanye actually misses the point of doing business nobody does business to make losses/End goal is to maximize profits…just blame ignorance or to some level of fear to not walk away from bad deals…Its a free market willing buyer willing seller…Blankets coats don’t work take the fight to the people who offended you…not a whole society…As much as it is right to complain there are better ways and avenues of doing the same….

  2. Y “jewishpeople” so sensitive tho 😂 “muslimpeople” “blackpeople “ get abused in social media all the time and its okay but wow never ever mention “jewishpeople”

  3. Amazingly fascinating interview. I never knew Ye had such an incisive and cerebral mind. Piers also showed why he's such an awesome journalist and interviewer. Brilliant juxtaposition of two incredibly scintillating minds. Kudos to Ye and Piers for a great job.

  4. After he came back and started talking about how media is controlling the masses to vote certain ways. That shit is so true I'm glad he is talking about it. I've listened to his music and it helps me recognize this.

  5. Kanye West it’s not saying about your Jewish what happened 80 years ago he’s talking about the present the 2022 year we live now they control a lot of institution a lot of important parts the ruins peoples families with songs music videos and everything but they’re the ones that they don’t watch TV the Jewish families don’t watch TV but the they are keeping us away from God think about this is crazy
    Kanye West is right 🏆


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