We’ve all been told The Lake of Fire awaits us at the Day of Judgement if we rejected the free gift of salvation Jesus offered to us. But is that what the Bible says? Are “Hell” and “The Lake of Fire” the same place? Or does one of them exist now on earth, and the other in eternity?

Join Joseph Cortes of Faith Cometh By Hearing ministries in this introduction to a new Last Days sub-series about The Lake of Fire, and how it may be a portend to the return of Christ.

See part Two here: https://youtu.be/0ICt_fh7_rE

Genesis to Present, From the Beginning to the End. Join Joseph Cortes of Faith Cometh By Hearing ministries in this multi-part Last Days study focusing on the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Subscribe to the channel for alerts as new parts are added.

This video is part of an extensive series called “The Last Days”. It can be found in the “Teaching Center” video section on the TeachingFaith.com website. Click here to go to it: https://www.teachingfaith.com/the-last-days

Keep in mind, this series is presented in the order they were recorded, the archives are in chronological order, which means it’s best to start with the first and journey your way through up to modern day, as Pastor Cortes is still adding new segments.

This lecture and 1000’s more are available in the Teaching Center video archives at: https://www.teachingfaith.com/video-sermons

There you will find hours of lectures relating to these subjects:

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