Lord Rosse’s Great Telescope – 1967: https://youtu.be/aOnqUZaqIt0

The Sky at Night – May 1960 – Uranus: https://youtu.be/90FU4NYE4WU

My video on “Ouroboros/Leviathan in Flat Earth & the coming One World Religion… “: https://youtu.be/qb4WivT_WKA



  1. * slow clap * Jolly good show old chap. I love the 60s images because they seem to had thought about Equatorial Bulge. Kinda Oblate spheroidical. But modern technology said Nuts to that, and dished out perfectly circular spheres.

  2. That Jupiter picture looks like perhaps a moon moving overhead, casting a shadow on the body.
    If, they mistook a shadow for a huge spot, giant storm (lots of speculation from so called experts) it would be to embarrassing later to admit their error. So they would provide us with "exactly" what they had claimed it was, huge spot/storm.
    Not really the truth, but what is truth in their belief system.

    Just as the "coincidence" that all the science fiction about space/travel seems to have been dead on.

    It seems that the God of the Bible is the only one interested in one truth, for all.

  3. 72 inch eye? Really haha literally 66+6 and the exact amount of bricks on the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. They just can’t help rubbing it in that the public is ignorant of their symbolism and numerological languages. Some is for sure to pay homage to their false god Lucifer but a lot I think also is a huge bragging thing. Like “we can lie to you and you don’t even know it, so well mock you while we do it”. Interesting, they are so prideful they will never be found out. Just like their leaders first sin: pride. Still driving all of Lucifer’s plans.
    Great find brother, this vid is awesome.

  4. Hi – If you are interested in a sermon/teaching on leviathan check out the following link
    (channel – Still Waters, Published on Oct 1, 2017, The world hates Jesus)
    I found it extremely interesting
    And although the man doesn't seem to believe in the flat/plane earth he does believe in the waters above the firmament and that it is the second heaven
    I don't know much about the channel but i mostly visit it for sermons of Charles Lawson
    so this is not a blanket endorsement of the channel

    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your Content
    Blessings to you from God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ

  5. i have observed jupiter many times, i have also photographed it… it appears just as nasa and many other astronomy institutes describe it to be.. it is quite unmistakable in our night sky and impossible to hide… sure nasa's photos are stunning and quite stepped on by artist but in no way have i seen any anomalies in my observations, they all see legit… the upside down image is due to it being a reflector telescope, and we all know how mirrors work. there are two mirrors in a reflector and the images bounce off of them into your eye, so the object appears upside down… no secret there… as for what jupiter might be, well i havent heard any explanation from anyone but mainstream science.. so enough of this witch hunt, how bout providing facts to support your claims, what ever they may be, you are intentionally misleading ppl with you vague explanations of fakery because someone belong to a certain group… next time you make a video about jupiter use your own image captured with your own telescope and then compare them to nasa…

  6. I'm seeing the same thing you are, but it doesn't look suspicious to me. Just that the images have gotten so much clearer and higher quality over the years. But when you have a built-in suspicious mind, everything seems suspect.

  7. I have used a telescope to see Moon's going around Jupiter, and Jupiter's East-West lines, and I have seen the rings on Saturn in good detail, it's not very hard to do, and I'm pretty sure mirrors and lenses used to gather light are not creating a CGI planet right in front of me (yes the telescope that I use is a really old one that has no electronic parts such as computers etc) I can also see the Shadows on the Moon's craters indicating where the sun is at night (kind of like a golf ball and a flashlight) one can know that the sun really does go below your feet using the Moon to look "around the curve".


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