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  1. “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:14-15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  2. I yelled and argued with God it took me a long time to actually pray for my enemies and it be in my heart to do it do it for the glory of God imagine you not wanting to hurt anybody wouldn't you rather be hurt and hurt somebody yeah I wouldn't will to look at my son's eyes on my worst enemy and let God be there John's I just pray that he turns back to time for me with them because they loved us and I learned that right and I love them and my son was is a good father and it was very hard for me but now I can actually say I'm going by works and I walk for my enemy said that they may be forgiven by God and he knows I mean it in my heart but it took me a year and a half to even say that and it's in me now and the more you do it the better you feel in the more you love and give it is easier that gets don't let him hurt you with anything to where you lash out lower yourself to their level because they don't have a clue and you know they probably never will but sorrow is better than laughter it makes it cotton to the heart better and I'm can finally say in my life that I'm glad I'm poor tours in my heart and I'm glad of that now it's not such a bad thing because I know what counts and I don't take nothing accounts for granted Times short money is just worthless paper it's the little things you remember with the people you love what God gave you so I guess some of the poor are very rich and wisdom and I know what it's like to have a love that was unconditional my husband love me very much most people don't find it it was for a short time but I had it and it's not weak to want to serve God that's not week

  3. Dear Richie, you mentioned the Wave pattern which I saw this very morning here in Northern California and wondered what it meant. Scary to think we can have an earth quake soon when already concerned about what will happen to Oroville Dam just north of me. I want to travel full time and stay out of liberal CA. If it happens that I'm swept away by water (had always feared drowning or fire) I'm ready to go home to be with my Savior Jesus Christ. I try to pray for those that are evil because they have a soul that could be saved if they repent, ask for forgiveness and ask Jesus Christ to enter their heart and soul. (not sure if that's worded correctly) I have to keep reminding myself that everyone has a choice and can come to the Father through His son Jesus Christ, so we must pray for the unsaved. I cry when I think of anyone having to live in the pits of hell forever, cut off from our creator, the Lord God, our Father and His son Jesus Christ. I would drop down to my knees to pray if I could, both knees were totally replaced with metal, etc. I can't do it.
    I'm sorry for the loss of your neighbor so suddenly. I pray she came to Jesus before she passed and her husband will soon. Sending out much love and many hugs…

  4. When I was a small child my mother told me then, as she continues to tell me to this day, it's easy for us to love the nice person. The real challenge is loving and forgiving those that are mean and cruel. The older I became the more I understood the depth of this. Yes, it's very difficult to give forgiveness sometimes but this is what Jesus tells us to do.
    I'm giving it all I have. God bless you all.

  5. Richie, I certainly hope you find it in your heart to one day forgive people in your life who had wronged you. Your a great watchman and a diamond in the rough for sure. I would certainly hate to find out that you passed on with unforgiveness in your heart. You'd be a really cool guy to hang with in heaven.

  6. pray to the sky and whatever gods you keep tell them to swallow and purify the air and bring them back to creation I swear they will vanish the planes will just stop spitting out so called ice particulates and disappear imhotep to you all

  7. A powerful reminder. Let him who is without sin cast the 1st stone. Woman where are your accusers? Has no one condemned you? Nor do I condemn you. Go and SIN NO MORE!

  8. RFB my son feels that way. He was never married, but friendships and relationships. We have gone to so many funerals this year alone. The Our Father is what I start when things seem to not be so good for us. Thank you from Huntsville, TX.

  9. forgiving people who intentionally f#$k you over is for the stupid so it can happen over and over again,pray for a clue to ship these assholes out of your life not forgiveness to repeat the offense.

  10. Dear RFB , The Bible was written about and for the race of people the fit the curses of Deuteronomy 28:68 and in saying that forgiveness is ONLY for Israel and Judah please read Hebrews 8:8 , Acts 7:6 . Christ only is coming back for God's chosen people. You and the Caucasian race on the other hand fit Revelation 13:10. Christ WAS and IS a Black Man read Revelations 1:14-15. Forgiveness is ONLY 4 Israel and Judah READ Jeremiah 31:31 what is there not to understand you are a wise Man ?

  11. Richie I totally understand. I struggle with forgiveness also (especially when other ppl don't seem to even want forgiveness). I also think its soo important to forgive, more important than we realise

  12. Also… "keep us from being led into temptation." … God tempts no man but we can all do with some help.
    Also are the California etc. fires being accelerated by a layer of metal powder all over the countryside from the chemtrail geoengineering? Strotium sulphate is extremely volatile. if they spray anything like that up there it would come down eventually.

  13. This is so important. Thanks for sharing. I think we as humans with emotions have a difficult tendency to forgive. Especially, those of us that strive to be kind and helpful to others. It hurts and it's not fair. I know I struggle with it daily and I am sincerely trying. It is a process. Some people say, "oh it's so easy". Like all you have to do is wave a magic wand and all is forgotten & forgiven. No, it's deeper than that. It's personal. Also, had a person say that unforgiveness = resentment = hell = no heaven. Yep, that cut and dry. Wow, that was heavy but I also know God knows my heart and my struggles. This same person said that when disappointment occurs to just not allow it. Okay, I guess I will have to be a robot with no human emotions. So, what I'm trying to say is yes, forgiveness is very important & we should do everything we can to forgive others but we are all different and handle it in our own unique way with the end result being total forgiveness.

  14. Missed the notification on this one, for some reason.
    Forgiveness comes quickly for me now. When I face the awful, disgusting, immoral, amoral, low-down, rotten things I've done myself, it's so much easier to see that I'm no saint! We ALL have done things wrong and have done wrong things. How can I hold a grudge against another when I'm so very flawed myself? Besides, forgiveness is good common sense. It's what sets me free from the anger, disappointment, resentment, and uneasiness in my soul. Now why would I NOT want to please Jesus and have a peaceful conscience? Some think I'm magnanimous…NOT! I'm simply taking care of ME. See how that works? Please our Creator, receive peace. Please myself, get all balled up inside. I know which one works for me.

  15. Richie I am a recovering addict I have a bit over a year clean I struggled for 10 years trying to sober up off pain meds, then herion. I feel great now and I have a lot of character defects. I lost my mother back in mid May and it was sudden at the age of 65. I fully understand what you are saying. Thank you for this video.

  16. I pray that our Father will bless you with a magnificent partner to spend your life with. So that you both can share the Fathers will with others. Life is difficult if you have someone in your life or if you dont. You can make a promise in front of the Father, but sometimes the other person is not meaning what they say. No matter what, life on earth is full of challenges and trials….I only hope I've passed the test. I am saved by his grace!


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