1. I love the way you teach,
    Yes we taking these no good jabs
    to go to school to go to work
    for years. Now it's something totally different than all the other
    Past posion jabs.
    Now this killer mark beast jab
    Or lose jobs.
    Wake up people's.

  2. So this mark will be (within "it" ) sometime in the near future? Like booster sticks to get your G. pass updated? I have not succumbed to anything and have no plan too. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight✝️

  3. The antichrist is here already. He just hasn't been revealed yet. He is already behind this. Working behind the scenes.
    For the lord revealed to me who the antichrist is, it's Obama. I tested the spirit who revealed this to me and he said yes. To the question, did Jesus come into the flesh.

    It's Obama who is controlling Biden right now.

    We have Obama 2.0 in office

  4. This is honestly the best short video youve EVER MADE! It made so much sense about the mark before the man. Im just hanging on and I know nothing too keep money or a job is worth losing my soul. I have one major sin i stuggle with still. I need lots of prayer please on this. The sin has been GETTING BETTER:) BUT….i still need too get rid of it completely. Anyways, cya next time and thank you again! Please pray hard for me!

  5. Exactly brother! I still don't have my date of compliance with work yet but they told me if I'm not taking it to get my exemption ready to submit….whether they accept it…..we shall soon see….but they know that I will not comply whether it costs me my job or not….I will never comply! God bless you brother….much love to you!

  6. My brother, for the last 8 days I have spent in the hospital in the mental ward. Involuntary and I was forced to take the test they had guards surrounding me. I said I did not want the test that I had a right to refuse they told me no I did not that I had no rights now because I was committed and the courts basically owned me! I spent 8 days in the hospital! The nurses were like why are you here that makes no sense. The Dr would not listen to me he just repeating that I said I wanted to go to heaven and be with my family, I said yes I do but not by own hands cause in my faith if you kill yourself you don't go to heaven.
    Reading over the paperwork it is a huge joke truth be told. It says the Dr in Jackson spent 30 minutes examining me which is a lie maybe 5 minutes and he puts I was depressed over the recent loss if my daughter and mother!!!! My daughter died in 1996 and my mom and sister in 2017! Now I am a ward of the court for 6 months and they actually put me on 4 different mind altering medications and if I do not take them and keep my Dr appointment I will be taken back!
    I am at a loss right now I really am. I know what the enemy has meant for evil God will turn for good who lives Him I just truly need prayer lots of prayer please.

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