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  1. All "tribulation Saints" will burn in HELL. If you are not one of the 144,000 literal Jews of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, you're left behind because you MISSED the Pre Trib Rapture. You will be damned no matter what.

    • That is incorrect I believe. The scripture says this:

      “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.’

      Pretty important verse to leave out in that context. I am sure you will agree.

  2. Hey Levi!! I have been watching you for awhile and I wanted you to know about a book called Muscle And A Shovel by Michael Shank!!! It points out false teaching and points you to scripture and I use it to evangelize! It gives verses for you to look up and explains the verses against what's going on in our world. It is a very conservative book and I wanted to know your opinion about it I mean sometimes you're a bit radical but sometimes some people need radicalism to get it through their thick head especially men that can't control theirs if you catch my drift…..

  3. The antichrist, who will be empowered by satan, wants to be omnipresent- like our Great Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He will be. with the people who accept the mark(chip), he'll know everything about those people- and they will worship the beast. If you dont want to worship the beast, then ask the Lord Jesus Christ to be your Lord and saviour today, today is the acceptable the day of salvation. Time is running out more quickly than we thought at first.I believe they just about have everything in place for the mark of the beast and the NWO.  Hi Levi, great video, see you in paradise

  4. We can't even get cell phone service around here unless one travels 20 miles around mountains. In fact, hardly anyone around here has a cell phone, including us. Everybody here is still back in the old timey ways, two little country stores with pickle barrels , the preacher lives down the road and takes his grandchildren out on horse and buggy rides. I get on the internet and am amazed at what I see. I learned to use a pc as my oldest son gave to me before he left for war in Iraq. I've thought about giving it up entirely. They can keep all the modern things I just don't care anymore, I will cook on my 1879 wood cook stove and praise Jesus while I'm doing it.

  5. Great video!, im not afraid of the end. If you believe you'll be gone before it gets truly bad. I just wanted to say however, You cannot be tricked into accepting the mark of the beast. You will either accept or deny it knowing what it stands for. It's not something that is sneaked. Its blantely Obvious.

  6. "the problem with letting artificial intelligence make decisions is sometimes they make mistakes"
    I had to quit watching after that… too much stupid to process

  7. Levi, I don`t know if you have heard about what they are doing in China? They are putting every person there on a merit system where they are watched 24/7 by camera`s and other tech. They know what food they have eaten, what they buy, how much they drink, how long they watch tv, play video games, everywhere they go they are monitored!! The ones who score high get privileges, but the ones who score low get punished! The low ones will not be able to travel anywhere, and will not be able to get any good jobs, ect. And if a relative of that person messes up, they also get points taken away, and it effects them! All this, at the same time they are burning churches, and forcing Christians to sign papers denouncing their faith in Jesus! Also in India they are doing something similar. You should do a video about this!

  8. When I was a little kid (70') I wrote a letter and glued pictures of robots stating that they will take over the world. Then I buried it in a wooden box in my mom's strawberry's garden. I wonder if someone ever found it.
    This is all so creepy ………

  9. Skynet anyone?!? if you would have told me that the Terminator movies would have been 100% truth in 2018-2020 I would probably laughed in your face. I'm not laughing now, cause I see it everyday, everywhere. I'm not attached to the cell phones like most, I work 40 plus hours a week and have a family to take care of. However, I do the same behavior with my You Tube feeds, so I'm guilty…..God bless Levi, I appreciate your videos!

  10. The truth is I had a land line phone for years. But due to a recent divorce i got my sort of first cell phone. In this world it is not good to have no form of reaching out

  11. High the same lie that was offered to Adam and Eve in the garden..that they could be come like a by someone.. Trying to download their soul..which cant be done.. because all souls belong to once your soul leaves your return to God. The consciousness is the soul.

  12. The mark of the beast occurs in the mind..your beliefs n thoughts..IN THE FOREHEAD..
    and the HAND,,is turning in your loved ones who refuse to listen to you.. because they know the truth..n you're LOST..N STUCK IN BABYLON aka CONFUSION.
    You WIILL BELIEVE the antiChrist to be CHRIST..when he comes T the 6th Trump,6th seal n 6th vial.
    CHRIST returns after that,after the tribulation.. n CHRIST's return will be like a theif in the night.. you..who already think he's here..will not realize that you were WORSHIPPING the antiChrist Satan the whole time..
    Until CHRIST returns.



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