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  1. @7:207:25 you lost it there. I do not know if that is intentional or not. end time prophecy it does revolve around those two continents or places you mentioned. please read Mark of the Beast by Ellen G white in Great Controversy chapter 25 p 438.1-450.1 under the heading "God's Law Immutable".

  2. Very interesting breakdown of Rev. 13, but I must say that the ESV has some major differences from the KJV. In just verses 4-8, the words “him/he” are changed to “it” when referring to the beast. Yet this beast is a man. If he weren’t, he couldn’t be cast into the lake of fire. I understand that the man of sin/son of perdition/Antichrist is referred to as a beast, but he obviously has a soul, so he is not an “it.”

    Also, in verse 10, the ESV leaves out some very key phrases: “He that leadeth” and “he that killeth.” Here’s the verse from the KJV:

    Rev 13:10  He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    This changes the meaning a great deal from what the ESV says. The KJV is saying that whoever leads a Christian into captivity, will himself be taken into captivity, as opposed to simply saying that Christians will be taken into captivity…period. The same with he who kills with the sword, must also be killed with the sword. “Here is the patience and the faith of the saints” – knowing that the same affliction will be meted out to the Christians’ captors and killers. If one is to believe Scripture according to the KJV, but written like the ESV, then by your interpretation, if God is doing the leading and killing, then He must be taken captive and killed. And, of course, we know that isn’t true.

    I guess I’m just one of those Christians that continually sees problems with the modern translations. If they’re in conflict with each other and/or the KJV, then this is a problem. Because God is not the author of confusion.

    And although I am a pre-tribulation rapture adherent, I don’t see myself eating popcorn in heaven while watching a horror show played out on earth. I know you were joking…kind of. But this is a serious matter and to put down Christians who hold to that position because we see many evidences of it in Scripture, is condescending and a bit presumptuous. I guess I’d just be careful about how I characterize my brethren who believe differently about the rapture. We aren’t wimpy Christians just looking for a way out. We are, however, looking for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to call us out of this earth before the wrath of the beast and the wrath of the Lamb begins. Because we are not appointed to wrath.

  3. Your position on pre-tribulation rapture on point. However, many questions concerning your interpretation regarding eschatology. Let me ask; apart from creating a human lineage for the Messiah promised to humanity (key word) back in Genesis (3.15), what purposed did God had for Israel (literal nation)?

  4. Question what if you got the wrong Jerusalem you say it's the City of the great king didn't Jesus ascend into the clouds doesn't New Jerusalem come down out of heaven isn't the final war taking place in heaven I hope people know that there is a dragon going up into heaven and it's also making Fire come down out of heaven by the organization called SpaceX

  5. In order to know what the mark of the beast is first you got to know what the 4 beasts are in Daniel 7:3-7
    The curse and Zachariah 5 might help or the little horn and Daniel 8 it's the same beast in Revelation 13:13 making Fire come down out of heaven

  6. Jerusalem in a sense has always been under siege and it has been trampled under foot numerous times already in history. In the Crusades the Crusaders (Gentiles) killed virtually everyone in the city.

  7. Has anybody told you that you look like Jason Momoa The actor you guys could be brothers and I would believe it😀 differences one’s constantly in the gym and you are being original✝️🕊♥️😌.

  8. I found a verse in Daniel which says it's a prophecy, that during the tribulation the translation is that the Moneychangers or robbers of men would try to make the vision happen and will fail. It's Daniel 11:14 in the Bible which is a prophecy about the end time's.vit means the Moneychangers, ex.
    The pharisees, the templar 8 the masons, the Rothschild's would try to create a fraudulent version of Daniels vision or prophecy from the lord about the future. People, this i say may have great implications. I haven't found any affirmation of what i think it means but see for yourself. The Bible, Daniel 11:14

  9. They're using pandemic,s to break us,now foot & mouths a threat,mites & other diseases on bee,s,our agriculture industry is under threat now as well.tge beast system,s here.covd was made whether it was released or accidentally escaped they were mixing animal viruses with human genome,s,which was stupid? sinister?.Obama health care had RFID chips in it,no chip no health care.

  10. Go get a item in your house with a barr code on it. Run a flame across the barr code watch it move and change form. Activation done by the scanner in the store. Your looking at the Mark of the Beast.

  11. Then Lord revealed to me in the movie The Borne Identity. The New I.D. -Identification. In the scene, when the old man cut the computer chip out of matt damon. He then pointed it at a wall. The infrared light showed his name and account number a long with the bank name. Digital money.
    Revelation 18. Is the U.S.

  12. the west is exactly where the forces of evil and the anti christ are coming from. now this false teacher is defending the anti christ and his forces and proceeding to attack gods people.


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