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  1. Its always been about the seed. As Paul points to in the Book of Adam and Eve, the devil masqerades as an angel of light. They are bringing us to a point of destruction so the fallen angels can swoop in as our savior. The atheist techies,.even most 'christians'- the vatican has been preparing fot this fof decades- will rejoice. The same story- you will be gods. And they will mourn when the True Savior comes. Its amazing to see the sealed books open. Never lose faith.

  2. Great vid Nich but I didn't expect nothing less. 3rd temple makes sense that is those written in the book of life. God in Christ in us the hope of glory. I take each step a day at a time and even though we have all these things thrown at us daily I can honestly say I have no fear. Peace is ours b/c God already gave us that as long as we continue to follow HIM. Bless you and yours

  3. you know that last montage with superman really jumped off the screen at me! Another youtube channel had pointed out to me how the S emblem is really a serpent now; and since then it is plain as day to me every time I see it…I haven't seen this film and when you played the clips…well, it's almost like learning to read again. Suddenly things right in front of you make (so much!) sense where they didn't before. Thanks for all you do to put this great videos together sincerely.

  4. astonishing! you have single handedly debunked thousands of people who think they have correctly discerned what is written in the bible. ive never heard anyone say what you are saying but it makes perfect sense. it resonates with me %100


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