Exploring the ancient prophecy of Isaiah 53 is one of the most fascinating studies one can make. Some say is reveals the story of the Bible in just a few verses. As the heart of the mystery is identifying the one called “My servant.”

Judaism most often identifies the suffering servant as the people of Israel who also have suffered throughout history. Those who believe Jesus was the Messiah of Israel see Isaiah 53 as predicting Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, centuries before he lived. Can both interpretations find common ground?

This documentary looks for clues in history, archaeology, and even the Dead Sea Scrolls, seen here at The Israel Museum (13:00). Weigh the findings and gain a deeper understanding of Isaiah’s prophecy of hope.

Participants include Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Dr. Walter Kaiser, Dr. Michael Brown, and Dr. Darrell Bock.

Originally released as a Day of Discovery production. In 2015, Day of Discovery was relaunched as Our Daily Bread Films.

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  1. Very interesting. This was one of the passages that I studied decades ago. I think some of the statues/ paintings of Jesus are insulting to him. His appearance would have been very pleasant as he was the son of God but he wouldn't have had the status that the religious leaders who had fancy fringes etc on his robes (not that he wanted it.)

  2. The thing I love about the Bible is that it only makes sense supernaturally. This is why a lot of people have passed it by as myth and storytelling. The birth of Israel came about via supernatural means—the parting of the Red Sea—and the miracles of Jesus including the resurrection and ascension into Heaven.. Jesus said we had to be born again of spirit not water to understand these things. Praise and thank the the Lord for revealing these mysteries to us His people.

  3. he was transitioning Believers away from blood sacrifice of animals, to not sacrificing animals, but rather to repentance. That was the point of the sacrifice of animals. God had already said that He wasn't really interested in animals and thier blood. Nor did He want the death of the wicked. but rather repentance and turning to Him. For one thing, His Believers were being scattered all over the world so very few could even access the Temple in Jerusalem. Which was going to be destroyed by pagans as well.

  4. Very interesting how it explains how Israel was made a country to deceive the world and even talks about how there was a group who obvisously was astranged they had to leave and hide. Good teaching. Thanks

  5. Many believed that Isaiah 53 was written only about Christ but in truth, it was also referring to the antichrist. If you do not investigate more, that's why it was mysterious to you but not to Me.

  6. I'm in Zimbabwe with the way things are in gaguil and in our land I still believe that Jesus is the lord on one goes to the father except through him peace to Jerusalem I pray Amen

  7. Jesus did not fulfill this verse because chapter you are referring, Messiah has to shut the mouths of kings in Awe, in amazement. Rome has Emperors, the verse speaks about Kings.
    Israel has neither shut the mouths of Kings. Historically, they have been persecuted.
    Just food for thought, just an opinion. Unless, it speaks of two people as one then it can be Jesus and Michael when he stands up, or something like that.


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