Inside Voice w/ Brenda Crouch — Dreams have long fascinated humanity with their undeniable power and mystery. We are confounded by the question, “What do our dreams signify?” Are they a message from the unconscious mind, an inconsequential “film” to be enjoyed while you sleep, or.. something more?

In this episode, we welcome back renowned theologian and psychology expert Dr. Mark Chironna, and this time he’s shedding light on some of the mysteries surrounding our dreams.

Join the discussion as we separate fact from fiction and unlock the secrets of the unconscious mind on this week’s episode of Inside Voice.

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  1. The Bible is One, Single, Solitary book –

    and that is the total extent of your evidence to prove your god???

    The bible book – a compendium of folk tales and fables!

    Tales recounted orally for generations

    by primitive tribes from the stone ages.

    This is the Old Testament

    The new Testes is hearsay,

    since these gospels were written by the faithful.

    There are no gods!

  2. Second Baruch, from The Apocrypha
    3 1 And I said: ‘O Lord, my Lord, have I come into the world for this purpose that I might see the 2 evils of my mother? Not (so) my Lord. If I have found grace in Thy sight, first take my spirit 3 that I may go to my fathers and not behold the destruction of my mother. For two things vehemently constrain me: for I cannot resist Thee, and my soul, moreover, cannot behold the evils 4, 5 of my mother. But one thing I will say in Thy presence, O Lord. What, therefore, will there be after these things? for if Thou destroyest Thy city, and deliverest up Thy land to those that hate 6 us, how shall the name of Israel be again remembered? Or how shall one speak of Thy praises? 7 or to whom shall that which is in Thy law be explained? Or shall the world return to its nature (of), 8 aforetime and the age revert to primeval silence? And shall the multitude of souls be taken away, 9 and the nature of man not again be named? And where is all that which Thou didst say to Moses regarding us?’

  3. I had a dream about time I remember an alarm ⏰ and a strange clock 🕡 that was spiral 🐚 and it stopped and people were froze in position and not moving except me. I am not sure if the past or the future is out of our reach after I analyzed the dream with something else that made it all come together for me. It is a strange coincidence what you are saying and how I described what I thought my dream meant. I mean the wheels are definitely turning… Now I am going to have to go and see what I wrote about that dream, again…

  4. Very helpful. I usually dream twice in one night. You help me
    understand some if my repeat dreams. A few may be prophetic
    but no indication I should speak about it. I am 80% deaf but I can hear clear in my dreams.
    Thank you!


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