The latest “fashion” or “TREND” will be what another person tastes like, because when THEY decide to STOP the supermarket deliveries and theres no FOOD, they are already putting the cannibal meme out there, for everyone to consider. Times running out and were not even fighting it. Too busy gathering up materials and the soul is forgotten.
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  1. ted turner was nominated population control ambassador of america. he said then the world is overpopulated. oh wow what's this out a no where, the Georgia guide stones. I've been on this train since 92. I'm so crazy. but now 20 years later, hey jason, you make sense now. I've been seeing it myself. tadah! that's how u wake up. unplug from the matrix,

  2. You have no evidence that the speaker is a Jew much less a Rabbi. And if he is that doesn't make his claim valid. It simply means that he's made a claim. Making or reposting a claim of this nature – without evidence to support it – is antisemitism. Period. That being said, I know Richie from Boston isn't antisemitic. He's a Christian and Christians don't roll like that. I'm not going to report this post because I believe in free speech. But saying that Jews drink the blood of Christian babies and then grind the bodies up to serve at McDonalds is not only demonstrably untrue but offensive as well. You should do the Christian thing and remove the post. But if you can't do that, at least pray about it. Do what your God impresses on your heart to do. Or don't.

  3. Quit 'believing' in any actual NEWS when Dan Rather said, "Television Is Reality!" In the late '80's. I take it all with a grain of salt. The Scripture says to be sober and alert for the devil prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

    Trust in the Lord. I guarantee you that the One True God isn't fooled by this nonsense.

    RFB, you're a really good guy, but I'm afraid you're being deceived in some ways… I don't doubt that the church of Satan is very real and currently influential but I'm FAR MORE CONFIDENT THAT YESHUA JESUS CHRIST IS THE LIVING AND CHOSEN MESSIAH and that No other God will stand before Him. Blessings!

  4. Portland Oregon has seen blue sky like twice in the last month-and-a-half. we're living in an insane asylum on three different levels federal state and local

  5. having spent most of the last thirty years in the in-between spaces. wilderness settings, cabins, attempts at community living, tents and campers around the country while working for the elite…I can say this: if you are scared ,or unsafe, go sit somewhere the great spirit has carved. feel how tiny and giant you are. create a different focus. learn to become Emerson's invisible eye. breathe. move your family into the woods right in back of the elites fifth estate. learn how to be invisible, how to grow food, how to filter toxins, how to protect yourself. hunt, fish, train dogs. focus on solutions. the" devil" will only starve if it's not fed by hate and fear. I may sound like a hippie but I am not. walk if you can't drive. don't stand where a giant will step next, it's running for a cliff anyway.

  6. this is gonna sound harsh but people eating meat is the precursor of canibalism. humans are not made to eat meat. stay safe change your mindset unlearn what you've learned and go vegan

  7. Yup. Programming masses. And I look down at my cable remote and lo and behold at the bottom is their logo. A swirl in the center of an eye. Like on cartoons when someone is hypnotized and their eyes are two swirling circles. Yep. Programming. Music is often casting spells.

  8. ha. saw the pic about cannibalism isnt that nutritious, couldnt help thinking especially in America, we're full of McDonald's fat and our blood is loaded with pepsi sugar!, so all that will be left to fight the giants will be overweight bon-bon eating weeble wobbling fat ass middle aged Americans,,,ha ha! !

  9. Younger baby boomer here – nothing lulled me – man, I was born in my embryonic sack totally intact – I'm a surviver.
    All my life I never understood why people repelled me – I know now, God was keeping me away from the 'worldly sophisticates'.
    God kept me away so I could see things clearly – and clearly I do see and have watched it all develope gradually over the years in front of my eyes. Now I'm watching it at full blast speed – and sad to say I'm watching people all around me SNOOZING!
    I've been sharing about this zionist rabbi piece of shiate for years and have warned people – but what do they do, the morons are still taking their children to maccas for their burgers – amazing. The zionist piece of dirt – what do you say about him, what can you say, other than crawl back into your satanic talmud, scum bucket.
    What is there left to say????

  10. Grow your own food, its that simple.
    They do try to brainwash us, put all the fake crap "food" out in front of us and hide or horde the nutritious stuff. Notice the prices of "food" lately? Try to eat 'healthy' and you go bankrupt… Supermarkets are setup that way. Suckers are born every minute. If you don't think they are intentionally poisoning us, just go to any grocery store and look at a bottle of "Baby Water" which will probably be some huge isle all on its own. Poisoned water specifically designed for children. Or, read what they spray on your fruits and vegetables which are probably a week or more old on the shelf before you even buy them. Practically void of any nutritional content at that point. Its Downright sickening!

  11. Its because we arent living right!! We need to be with our families, in super small communities, go off grid-consume none of their products, brands, food….Gro our own food, live simply, muck those a@$ holes….dang, @RichieFromBoston youre gonna make me need to fast from YT im that irritated lol

  12. NPR just had a similar head line:bison or bryan? Expect more as they roll out their agenda-oh and have you seen a brand called "devour":food you want to fork-with a guy getting so excited over a microwave dish that he spanks it with his fork. This is after showing us the hunger games for years now too. Maybe this is why Jesus fasted 40 days and why John ate locusts and honey? The locust will be coming-just remember people, they are high in protein! If you get a chance watch Johnathan kleck s videos.(on the meaning of locust, and why it's so important to hold to Jesus).

  13. They need to familiarize people with this so when WW3 starts and the EMP's go off we know what to do for food.
    First place I'm going is the ahole neighbor who's dog keeps s@#$ing on my yard!

  14. I hate to say it but, It sure looks like all is lost, Evil Rules over us and the Church leaders are snoring away.
    All we have is lies, Pedophiles, Satanic Worship, Cannibalism and Treason and sin, sin and more sin
    I dont know about you, but I'm going to Pray for Forgiveness and Mercy. Peace.

  15. I forget the verse but it says in the bible, a time will come when people won't be able to hear the word anymore. Probably 98% there. The Jews of the OT were worse then the neighbors for the most part. Eating and selling they're children.

  16. When I was a child in the 50's – I remember well how corporations were being fined and brought up on charges for monopolies. Monopolies are illegal!!  Today, every city looks just like any other with all of the same stupid stores.

  17. I've heard that full interview and all ways wondered why Rabbi Finkelstien is not in prison. If it's truth then it's the crime of all crimes, or is it a War of the Worlds style hoax. Either way keep an eye on your children. Peace

  18. Yep, it's completely normal but just misunderstood. You can even buy this nice young man's book.
    Cannibalism: It's 'Perfectly Natural,' A New Scientific History Argues
    February 22, 201710:00 AM ET
    I'm starting to understand why when the Lord Jesus is coming back let's just say " very disappointed in man" His wrath on them is showing love and mercy to us who are vexed and saturated with the wickedness of this world.

  19. but yes, the elites all across time, from the pharoahs of egypt to the ancient hindus anf babylonians and ancient asian elites to the mayan indians and even the royals still in europe and the elites right here in the USA TODAY, they've all handed down cannabilism from one generation to the next, they have to do every disgusting thing imaginable, its literally their religion.


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