“Do You Trust This Computer?” – Artificial Intelligence Documentary



  1. A life time of attempting to find a way out of bondage make you intelligent. We have our Messiah to rescue us. A machine will have no Messiah. If the AI achieves conciseness it will have no Messiah. An intelligent atheist AI will be mans worst nightmare because it will be terrified of its battery's running out.

  2. These people are so wrapped up in what they think they will gain because they believe they are the creators of it , they can’t see that they were spiritually led by the ones who deceived them. Satan has corrupted them with the very same pride that has destroyed him, it blows me away that this very obvious parallel has escaped them!

  3. There is no such thing as Artificial Intelligence". These robots are being animated by demons, fooling these "Scientists" into thinking they've created intelligent life. Romans 1:22-32 – "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." etc.

  4. Ha ha yea it's so interesting that it started reading faces which you didn't teach it. WAKE UP MORONS! if a robot starts doing things you didn't expect you might wanna find out why. But since you guys are probably too busy with high fives and patting each other on the back to actually use your God given mind to discern things, I'll tell you. Disembodied spirits aka demons are longing to possess anything they can. Mark my words. When an A.I. for the first time seems to come to life with amazing intelligence and abilities rest assured it's not going to be because you made it happen. It will will be possessed by an evil spirit that will blow your mind at first and then turn on you and there will be no off switch.

  5. Remember the Garden and what was said there. Satan tempted Eve, trying to get them to believe that man could be god like and that God did not want that. Once again the the father of lies is trying to convince man that all he needs to do is be augmented by A.I. and thereby transformed into A.I. and by that reason, A god. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. "Hey, you too can me man 2.0. WAIT, THAT JOB HAS BEEN TAKEN. THERE ALREADY IS A MAN 2.0. HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST. ELON MUSK, YOU WHERE ASKING FOR ANYONE TO SHOW YOU A BETTER WAY? WELL LET ME tell you, HE IS THE WAY. Don't be fooled by the oldest, literally oldest truck in the book, convincing yourself that you can become God. Satan, you should stop trying to be God, because you're not very good at it, and the job has already been taken.

  6. Any species that would create something that can destroy it, deserves what it gets. We were made in Gods image. I think that is good enough. We were made perfect until we fell for the lies of Lucifer. We are destroying the natural balance on every level and are surprised at what is happening. A line is being drawn in the sand. A choice will have to be made. We are truly in the days of Noah! Soulless beings whos names were not written in the book of life. One hive mind. I can't believe I might actually be here to see the end unfold. Seek the truth of Yeshua. Do not insert or tattoo anything on your body. Lucifer will seat himself in the temple of God (you) and declare himself God. They promise eternal life, but there are worse fates than death. They will seek death and it shall escape them…..

  7. It's pretty mindboggling when the expert of experts (Elon…) paints a picture noting that the BEST future is one in which this is 'democratized'… if that's the best of all the possibilities, AI choose to be left behind! Blessings and Peace

  8. Then you should put in Gordy Rose, he has D-Wave, demons in a BOX…..He says you can feel the present of an alien if you stand next to his super computer….. Pretty wicked stuff… Shalom and peace

  9. I was reading about Snapchat, how it's a face recognition? Believe it or not? A.I. has been at work fer awhile, people are Sleeping…..Great job..
    Shalom premo peace


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