Daniel Thompson (played by Dwayne Johnson) questions the natural disasters happening around him. He later meets The Pastor (played by Mel Gibson) that claim they maybe living in the last days. He speaks of Jesus, the man born 2,000 years ago, died and resurrected and now will complete his mission based on the prophesy written in the Bible.

►Fan Cast:
Dwayne Johnson as Daniel Thompson
Jim Caviezel as Jesus Christ
Mel Gibson as Director/The Pastor
Chloe Moretz as Amy T. Thompson

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I wanted to this concept movie trailer to feel big. So I chose to cast The Rock as one of the main actors and I think if they do this it would get Billions in box office easily. He has the charisma and I think since the movie is about Apocalypse, he would fit very well since he has experince of that from Skyscraper and San Andreas just to name a few.

0:09 Here I chose to put this family scene from Skyscraper. I thought this would everyone to the story. Also adding a teenager is a good idea so I cast Chloe Montez to play the daughter of the main character. I also named him Daniel Thompson and the daughter Amy Thompson. 0:47 This was from the movie Professor. I thought Mel Gibson’s role here would be the Pastor. He would be the guide for the main characters so we see him with the Bible. I also edited the Bible scene originally was a dictionary, the Bible was from an un-boxing video.

The final scene I got form Skyscraper. I thought the lighting was perfect and could work as angel looking at the main character. Originally this project was entitled The Resurrection of the Christ. While being aware that this is not the right title for concept, it was what I planned to use since Mel Gibson officially announced the squeal to be one. However due to the first trailer’s comments saying the title is not right, I made my decision to make it The Second Coming instead since it fits the title better.

I used the term Mission, so the first film was his first mission, and when He resurrected it was only half of it, and renewing the world is the final part. The second coming of the Christ is the title that best describes this fan edit film. Since the title is original I had to make it my own. So I made the title sequence by making it identical to the Passion of the Christ logo.

►Footage Used:
The Second Coming Of Christ (2018) -1st Teaser
The Coming Convergence (Official Trailer)
The Second Coming on the Clouds – Salvation and Judgement
Greta Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers
Skyscraper – Official Trailer [HD]
The Professor and the Madman Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips IndieAnimation: Cloud Move Through
Independence Day: Resurgence | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
► Music Credit:
Non Copyrighted Epic Music | Demon (Royalty Free Music)

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  1. For those that missed the reminder in the title and in the beginning (green screen), this trailer is FAN-MADE. Making a Bible inspired movie with a big budget is rare these days. I always wondered what would it look like if a Hollywood made a movie about Jesus Second Coming. Thanks to YouTube I get to share my concept. Good news Mel Gibson the director of Passion of The Christ announced already a sequel! So this is my version of Mel Gibson's upcoming film Passion 2, based on Revelation 19. I hope you all like it!

  2. This looks a great way to wake up to what's going to happen but those who still refuse to believe have mercy.people christians pray for those who don't believe they need jesus.they have no idea of the consequence of their un belief.gid bless us 2chronicals 7:14🙏❤️🤶🙂🫂

  3. espero que no lo tomen a juego, ya que si sube al corazón del hombre de un productor cuanto mas es la realidad; por lo tanto a creer en toda la biblia no solamente en una parte y a confiar en su palabra; y a obedecerla.

  4. Me parece ver a la actriz Chloe Moretz y la Roca, si Mel quería hacer una película totalmente cristiana estos dos no encajan, investiguen y se darán cuenta mis razones no me interesa sus gustos sexuales pero la película es la segunda parte mis respetos al actor Jim Caviezel un fuerte testimonio tiene este actor la interpretación de Jesús lo dejo marcado y me representa

  5. BEST FILM MAKER FOR JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEL GIBSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the so called rock is a satanic pedo. Do your research folks. hollywood like to call him the rock, BUT JESUS IS THE ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The only Rapture or Second coming movie I will watch is Mel Gibson’s because he was so closer to the Bible truth when he created The Passion Of The Christ. Mel please keep it Biblical when you make part 2.


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