The Pharmakeia Spirit Through The Use Of Psychedelics, Drugs, and Alcohol or Spirits.

I was imprisoned by heavy drug and alcohol addiction for 30 years and had many encounters with demonic spirits. I hung around people in dark places. This stuff is no joke. It gets darker and darker. Please wake up people. The demonic entities just want to use you as host bodies.

I went to drug rehab when I was 15 for 45 days but started using again within a week of leaving. I was diagnosed with manic bipolar in my twenties and went on and off of antidepressants. No man could give me a solution to my problems. Life kept getting darker and the demonic attacks more frequent. Satan told me I was no good and that Lord God did not love me.

Near the end, I knew I would die high as I could not go without using all day. I prayed out to Abba Father. Please Lord save me from these evil addictions. I would blackout every time I used and didn’t know if I would end up at the bottom of a pool or run over by a car. Jesus reached down and pulled me from this hell. He is my everything!

You can break free from these addictions. Jesus is the chain breaker. It wasn’t man that took away my chains but Jesus Christ. He supernaturally shook me to my core over a period of several weeks and my addictions were gone for good. I had a dream that I died and went before Lord God and could not speak to him because I was high on drugs. No one should have to think about this. This is a stronghold over you and people who love you. – SMH

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Revelation 3:20

For He had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For it had seized him many times; and he was bound with chains and shackles and kept under guard, and yet he would break his bonds and be driven by the demon into the desert. Luke 8:29

Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, And He saved them out of their distresses. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, And broke their chains in pieces. Psalm 107:13-14

This applies to all addictions, not just drugs and alcohol.

Watch How To Break Spiritual Strongholds – Full Armor of God . The beast system is here. Don’t become part of it. They’ll just use you and throw you away. It’s all a lie.

Trust In HIM and HE Will Save You From The Storm

Content in video thanks to: Steven Bancarz

God bless you all. Jesus died for ALL Of US!

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  1. Today I felt I needed to search Google for "entity possessed drugs", then "pharmaceuticals possessed by demons". Then I remembered the Jezebel spirit after picking up on the narcissistic abuse topic in my life and looking for a link between personality disorders and spirit possessed/influenced..and found the words "Pharmakeia spirit". This doesn't even have to be street drug abuse only…over the counter pain pills, ulcer meds, flu meds, vaccines…add your weekends Sunday pub and friday girls night and wedding on Saturday and you're juggling life eating junk popping a pill for a-z and this is your work/social life..we're all possessed then.

  2. 6:20 "Reasons for Jesus" segment is Steven Bancarz, a born-again, knowledgeable, big EX new-ager. Amazing what God's done in him. He use to be one of the biggest new age websites in the world.. Now he's dedicated his life to Christ – Thank you Lord!

  3. I've been an addict for over 10 yrs (heroin) and I've prayed and prayed and prayed to save my soul from the demons that surround me. I feel like the Lord is so mad at me that he won't ever forgive me for what I've done.😔

  4. These people are demon possessed for sure, you can see the demons contorting their faces and bodies. I once worked at a 500 bed hospital that had a psych ward and they came over the intercom and asked for all available male personal to report to 4 west stat. There was a young man that weighed about 150 lbs and he had already beat up 4 security guards. It took 8 of us men to subdue this kid where they could sedate him and strap him down before he hurt someone else. I could see the demons in his eyes, but unfortunatelyI couldn't do a exorcism on him .

  5. Yes that's the devil's pot pharmaceutical medication will make you cray cray if you're not already that way you'll end up like that natural ways to way to go and pray

  6. Thank you, you`re video is right on point, Enoch was a very unique man, he must be understood at the same level as Elijah, at the least, for the Almighty Father to say that Enoch walked with God, is like saying, Abraham was the friend of God. There are two witness`s in the new Testament declaring Enoch as legitimate you mentioned one, Jude the other being, I think James, maybe John, but his writings was excepted by early Hebrews and many late, it was evil men, who manipulated the written Word of the Almighty Father. But His Word will not come back void. thank you again for you`re work.

  7. I can't smoke weed cause it causes me pain in my guts.did they do something to the weed?it never used to give. Me pain before that makes me think they are putting something in weed what do you say?

  8. Don't really agree on the alcohol thing..many pagsages in the bible does not forbid alcohol or drinking it..yet promotes it..even give it to the person who is sad and going to die so they can drink and forget.
    Jesus made wine.
    There's a passage describing Jesus as being drunk…continues drunkenness is the sin when you don't repent.
    Or when you don't repent from any sin…continues evil is wat God hates

  9. If the lion is roaring. He's not prowling. He's warning and giving us a a chance to flee or hide. Wouldn't we be more likely devoured by the wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, dwelling with the lamb? I'm sorry if you or anyone is offended for me thinking I might be being deceived. But I remember the lion of the tribe of Judah shall lay with the lamb but I'm being told it's always been the wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the lion is the devil now. But go ahead and say it doesn't matter.

  10. Oh god, I have a friend thats been on drugs since he was 14. he is now 42 years old. He's become mentally ill, his own son wants nothing to do with him, he's send me horribly sexual (we dont have that kind of a relationship) texts and he's on disability since his doctor says he's in a permanent psychosis bc of the drugs. Another friend in my teens died with a heroin needle in his arm.

  11. 'Jesus , Maria Joseph,' # pray your holy rosary go to mass received holy communion, confess and do like Christ deeds is the only way to have deliverance of this life,,,,. walk with God everyday Love one another and thy neighbors be compassionate and have mercy to all human beings teach them well with upright morality and spirituality period🙏✝⛪✝🌏✝⛪✝🙏

  12. But In Genesis on the third day God gave us all seed baring fruit and herb which seed comes from within itself!! And saw that it was good. He said "all" not "some" pharmas are processed and mixed. Not planted watered grown and cut n used natural no process or added to!! No chemicals but natural. Man put this into the drug class!! It not like the others especially heroin meth or synthetics mad scientist chemicals like FLAKKA and KROCKADILE ECT ECT bath salts!! Don't dare confuse!! God gave us good medicine!! Also to decorate the body or adorn not to defile or mutilate it and worshiping things of the dead. No graven images or false idols.

  13. I had struggled with this drug a couple years ago, I overdosed four times in six weeks and became possessed during the overdose. When I was high I had demons follow me, three if them were assigned to me. They are watching, waiting, screwing with e until the moment they take me to hell for eternity the grace of Jesus saves me and has allowed me over three years clean. Thank the lord I have my family back and I have a functioning life. Praise god for loving even the least of us. But yes, this drug will create instant demonic activity around you. These individuals were on binges for even days at a time and had not slept in days. This drug is ten times stronger than meth and is demonic in nature. If you want to see demons, use a-pvp or aphp. These are the research chemicals that are two of the older compounds sold as flakka. Stay away, very addictive and creates a perverted freak who can't stop hitting the pipe, needle, etc


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