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  1. YouTube is really screwing up with me and other channels it's not even a joke. My Ads have been removed, revenue is going down a steep hill. I am starting to doubt if I will be on YouTube any longer if this keeps up. Please help support this channel only if u feel compelled to do so by becoming a Patreon member at: … I will post videos there for members. I will try to hang on here, but this Platform is a sinking Ship & a Sinking ship is NOT Worth staying on board or else U die along with it in the waters. I may have to go search for a job in my field, & once I find or start full time career my time on YouTube will automatically be cut in half or 2 thirds 🙁 . Censorship is getting aggressive.

  2. Keep up the great work brother!! There are so many spiritually blind people who don’t understand that the one who entertains you is your master. This is the work of Satan and these are His representatives,just as your a representative of Jesus Christ. One goes to heaven and the other to hell. The choice is ours,salvation is for all who want truth and eternal life but will lay the deception of this life aside and inherit the truth that set us free. Freedom is not being blind,it’s being able to see through the fog and circumstances 🙏🏻😉

  3. I really don't understand how people after they hear these demons talked about personalities that lives in them don't stop workshiping them or stop buying into their filth?? Tv and the industry has been conditioned us for this so we don't react to it. My Lord 20 years ago her career and the career of all these false idols would have been done. We are zombies of the system and accept everything they throw at us. What a shame. Let's weak up people open your eyes and see that satan is everywhere, let's fight back in Jesus name. Because Jesus is the only way to the Father. God bless.

  4. Dissociative identity disorder Is NOT possession. It happens in response to trauma and is the brain's way of dealing with it, especially with some children. It is often seen in those who were products of MK Ultra or SRA. It's not the easiest thing to treat either.


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