In these last days, it is critical to understand that the power of God has been bestowed upon you, to walk upright and be victorious. In Christ In You Vol. 2, Dr. Bill Winston strengthens your inner-man as he teaches on the ministry of the Holy Spirit (the Latter Rain), and the gift of the Anointing, that is on and in you.



  1. Hi, Yeshua told me that we are in a fight to the
    finish.  The enemy is continually
    devising new strategies to try to have a spirit of witchcraft on us or other
    demons such as pride and to get them into churches and to defile the church so
    that Yahweh will not be there in His power and glory, and of course Yeshua, our
    Messiah.  Yahweh told me that when people
    do a service with their shirt tails out that they are drawing a spirit of
    witchcraft to themselves and that the spirit of witchcraft then goes out from
    them onto all of the people and it even comes through you tube.  This witchcraft spirit will make you feel bad
    and confused.  Yahweh also told me that
    the enemy makes the demons back off to deceive people into thinking that
    miracles and healings are happening when they are not, and so people will think
    you can dress however you want to and even be shacking up and be walking in
    miracles and speaking in tongues.   We
    are also defiling the sanctuary by the clothing we are wearing.  When we go into church showing our nakedness
    we are defiled and we are defiling people that see our nakedness and Yahweh
    told me people wearing the clothes with the store -bought holes in them are
    drawing a spirit of poverty to themselves. 
    Yeshua told me that people wearing Marilyn Monroe things are drawing a
    spirit of suicide to themselves.  These
    are scriptures that speak about holy array, 1Chron. 16:29, 2Chron. 20:21, Ps.
    29:2, 96:9, 110:3.  In Mal. 1:6, and 1
    Samuel 2:30, Yahweh speaks about honoring Him.  In Luke 11:2 Yeshua told the disciples to pray
    to Yahweh that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  These are some verses that Yahweh gave me to
    let people know what He wants for us, Zec.3:3-7, Isa. 6:6-11, Exodus 19:6,
    1Peter 2:9-12, and this is how Yahweh has the 24 elders dressed in heaven, Rev.
    4:4 and rebellion is the same as divination 1 Sam 15:23, Deut. 18:10, and 2 Kings
    21:6 speaks about the various aspects of divination.  People are doing things and have things in
    their possession that keep them from operating as who they are in Yahweh and
    from having blessings Yahweh and Yeshua want them to have.  I hope everybody will pray and ask Yahweh to
    confirm to them what He has told me.

  2. Winston is way off on this one. Ask Bill Winston to pray that Trump repents. When Obama was in office the whole government was Babaylon. Now the government is somehow modeled after the kingdom of heaven. Now he wants you to pray for Trump. Will Trump repent? Winston is influenced by his so called "spiritual fathers"

  3. My name is Mejias. Messiah God King. The anointed one. But im cursed with an open third eye and intelligence also a constance small voice always saying god has touched you on your head before you were born. This is a voice that haunts me every day. It causes tears and suffering because it is something i can't escape

  4. ** All I do is listen to Bill Winston voice…he is absolutely amazing with the anointing on him…omg I loveeeeeee listening to the "words of God" Through Pastor Bill Winston!
    Glory 2 God!

  5. I work at msi in Broadview, Illinois right next to your church, pastor winston, proviso township is full of winners, go ahead and preach pastor winston, the aroma of the gospel smells good.

  6. Goodmorning and thank you.
    By the way I like Voodoo… one of those things I know we can trample on without thinking twice.
    Lets do that we need it to be as supernatural as we can get it.
    Now.. I am going to calm down now
    And think it over..
    Thank you the future is bright bright

  7. Those interested in the anointing
    Value the word you receive, value your Maker.
    Divide your inheritance into 4 categories
    1 Identity2 Health3 Wealth4 Power
    Start making 4 papere and put on therd the Bibleverses you find
    Or receive actually
    Like seed
    Put it in one of the 4 categories when your Maker makes you receive a word.
    And then re rewrite it sayinh
    Choose your own method if you want but I am going there because He told me to do it like that starting off
    If the issue is colour that is a joke to me.
    Think of the Joker.
    Nuff said.
    I am going to enjoy my day now and the only thing needed is actually your Maker on 1.

  8. "As a chosen vessel (conduit), oftentimes called a virtuous woman of God, I am unapologetic about God's calling on my life as a Christian (follower of Christ), mother, minister and servant of the Most High God. Brother Winston, you have a prolific gift of teaching and operate in the prophetic as well. "Prophets are subject to other prophets in which we are commanded to obey God's message."
    Continue proclaiming God's truth and spreading the gospel message all around the global. "I decree and declare expansion in global outreach and ministry!" Gratitude for our salvation and winning souls for Christ is a Christian's ultimate goal and mission in life. Mtt. 6:33
    Blessings and Happy Holiday's to you, your wife, ministry and the body of Christ!
    Humbly in His Service


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