Some Christians don’t seem to have experienced any change in their lives, but we should be experiencing change from the Power of the Gospel. We’re going to refresh ourselves in this tonight. To see what it’s all about, watch the full video!

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Time codes for The Power of the Gospel
0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Invitation to ask questions
1:00 – CDLBS Live stream times
1:17 – Tuesday night give away information
2:17 – Event information
3:26 – Giving information
3:59 – Prayer line information
4:26 – Introducing Barry Bennett
5:05 – The Power of the Gospel
33:44 – Q&A Intro
34:14 – Do you believe that the gospel teaching involves receiving the Holy Spirit as evidence of speaking in tongues?
35:22 – How can I get to the point where I don’t waver, but I am steadfast no matter what the circumstances are? (I study the Word, but I find it difficult to apply the Word in difficult times.)
36:37 – How do I go from understanding a scripture to really grasping the full revelation of it?
38:43 – Should I keep meditating on the Word to help me believe?
39:49 – Do you find that as you meditate, over time it becomes simple to divert your mind to the word of God instead of things of the flesh or worry?
40:46 – How can someone, born again, be sure they are saved, even though they haven’t changed in many ways?
42:24 – Prayer over viewers/Prayer line information reminder
44:40 – information
45:07 – Q&A Roundup information
45:34 – Wednesday CDLBS reminder

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  1. Thank you for today's message, its really for me like a throw back. It kept me looking back to what the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has provided for me. Am really,really blessed with this message.

  2. I have problem believing that God in the Old Testament is a good God because He killed so many people and animals.
    But I love Jesus. He is kind and humble. Jesus said that if we see Jesus, we see God. How can that be?
    Jesus never killed anybody, never made anybody sick. People told me that God is a just God. I do not think that killing the first born Egytians and animals when the Pharoah did not let go of the Hebrews is just and kind.

  3. Thank you Barry Bennett for preaching The Power of the Gospel to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I dreamt about the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth last night in a dream come true. Amen Alleluia. Love in Christ from Jesus and Sylvia Nazareth.

  4. Thank you Uncle Barry. You just know how to bless my soul with God's word. Just figured out God's commission to paul for the first time.

    Glory to Jesus…. Thanks to the host tooo. Awesome lady

  5. Amen! Glory to God! Thank you for your teachings, Barry, God bless you and this Ministry! You are a real testimony of the Goodness of God and He is Good to all! Hallelujah! Thank you for hosting, Erin! Blessings to you all, in Jesus Name! Praise the Lord! 😇❤

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