The Precision Dream – Dana Coverstone



  1. Amazing message. From it I learned prayer is a weapon, and like a weapon it is handled carefully and wielded responsibly. And prayer to Jesus, Yeshua, is more powerful than any weapon forged or held by man. Wow.

  2. We have to pray warfare scriptures out loud so that the angels can move. Angels harken unto the voice of HIS WORD, which is the word of GOD! Put on the full Armour of God(Ephesians 6)

  3. Shalom brother. I can bear witness to the prophecy of the water being contaminated. On 5/14/22 Father AhaYAH granted me The Words, “In two months, you will want to test the water”. I was shown something similar to a home kit to test water. I pray this blesses you. I give Father AhaYAH all The Glory. Aman 🪧

  4. 💦“Watch the Water”💦 with Stew Peters… to watch this, you will need to search it on the Internet…NOT youtube! Watch it on a different platform other than this platform because of the TRUTH content…it is not allowed on YouTube. This documentary is without a doubt the most important documentary of my life time to date. This is a must must must watch!

  5. Ok God gives me dreams and visions as well. Several years ago he showed me in a dream..first I looked up and saw a older style war plane with a solid red star under the wing…than I knew I was on the west coast and all of a?sudden I saw 2 high-ranking oriental military men in front of me with death Im there eyes..God let me know it will happen so fast it will be a SHOCK…I knew they had come by sea and air. I prayed reverently. It never happened…now you get this. The Lord also spoke in my right ear on why this would happen…it wasn't good at all. This nation passed Sodom and Gomorrah making a Naomi nation legal so they will reap the whirlwind if we don't repent fast!!!!

  6. Here’s the cool thing! When we get the army of the Lord United the people who are sold out for God are going to excell as soldiers in Gods army! Basically they won’t want to leave that line and I will say boldly that many are going to find out who they are in Jesus when this happens!!

  7. Pastor Coverstone on fire! Powerful dream. Things will never be the same. Praying in the Holy Ghost towards the end, fire! Others saying the same thing. It's coming! Gotta join the battle in the front lines, make disciplines, get to work! Thank you!!

  8. dreams and visions ARE coming…with great meaning. Thanks for yours. Ive listened to yours since the first ones…still waiting for fulfillment on all of them. They will happen.

  9. As you told about the first part of your dreams, Samson between the two pillars. Pushing on them and the stones started crumbling.
    Blessings and safety all of God's children. May we pray for the church to make herself ready.

  10. I have alot dreams from the Lord.
    One of many dreams l had,was everything in the city turn on Chinise nothing else was America ..was all Chinese..l woke up in panic was so vivid dream..and l told my husband.
    Other dream was in 2019
    That l was in a line for grab some donation..was a huge line.. and when was my turn to grab whatever they were giving..
    The guys didn't give to me ..and told me to go home without nothing..when l look close to him ,was a Chinese men..and l didn't understand what hi was saying…
    Before COVID
    I have other dream in a big auditorium and was alot Chinese ppl,today when l see news about china l can see this big red auditorium we're they do meetings,so l was there..they want us to eat something,but l knew that was they want harm l throw it in the trash and l didn't eat ..was all Chinese ppl forcing us to do something that we didn't want to….so after 3 months of my dream was coronavirus and they are forcing vaccines.🤔😳

  11. Incredible confirmation for me. Was completely thinking how our words have so much weight. How we are made in God's image (better translated from Hebrew as his "character"). How God spoke everything into existence. The strawberry test……how our words affect how long they last or spoil. (Saying love or hate to them) How we are to tame our tounges. How a man isn't condemned by what goes in his mouth…..but what comes out. How we are judged by every idle word…….

    In short… important what we speak out loud is…….and if so, wouldn't prayer need to be out loud and not just in our heads all the time. (Now of course God knows our thoughts….and can hear prayer "in our head"). But there is power in what goes across our lips…….let's start realizing and train it on the enemy!

  12. Pastor Dana the Lord has been asking you over and over again to PRAY the ROSARY please understand this! Your dreams make total sense from a Catholic perspective but the Lord won’t say it verbatim to you…. Just like Kim Clement was called to say yes to Esther you are being called to these kind of PRECISION prayer.

  13. It is interesting that you bring up Ezekiel 8 in the very place it describes Israel performing worship to Tammuz. This is interesting because the fourth month of the ancient calendar started at sunset, June 30 and the fourth month is also known as Tammuz.

  14. I appreciate your obedience to be God’s voice to His Church! I just turned 70 last week and I was telling the Lord how tired I was. I have had more than my share of battles. This is what He said to me, “What do you think I have been training you for all those years?”. I was humbled, to say the least. I know about attacks from the enemy and I didn’t think I could endure any more; but when He that to me strength entered me and I know I will be able to finish my work.
    In spite of all I have endured, I would do it again. There is something all numinous about living next to the Almighty! The more I experienced God the more I wanted. Don’t let suffering drive you away, like I almost did, from experiencing so good that there are no words to describe what it is like. Also, it feels great to fight Satan and WIN!!!❤️🙌❤️
    PS. At all costs, protect the love of God in your heart; and if you already let offense and hate and fear in, you best start praying deliverance for yourself and cry repentance to God and beg Him to fill you with His kind of love: love your enemies, pray for their salvation! Love the brethren and most of all—pray you will love God with every fiber of your being heart, soul and mind! Put God first; don’t give your enemy a door into your life or your family’s life. ❤️✝️


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