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The Priests visit the Vatican on their journey to produce one of the finest modern albums filled with worship music. The recording is produced by Mike Hedges(Dido/U2)
The Priests in the Press
On April 23rd, 2008, three Irish priests made the news, as they signed a £1m contract deal with Sony BMG. The Priests is a trio of three priests from the Diocese of Down and Connor. The Priests consists of Father Eugene O’Hagan and his brother, Father Martin O’Hagan, as well as their old friend Father David Delargy.
In a manner fitting for three priests, the contract deal was signed on the steps of Westminster Cathedral in London. The trio is excited about their opportunity to bring their music to a wider audience. They are singing music inspired by the church and their first album consists of music from the Latin Mass. The album will be recorded in several locations including London, Prague and the Vatican. It will also feature traditional and classic hymns, such as Ave Maria and O Holy Night, in four different languages including the traditional Latin.
The album will be produced by legendary London music producer, Mike Hedges. Hedges has worked with numerous artists including U2, The Cure, and Dido. He has also worked on the music of several movies including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. As Hedges has become more selective in the projects that he takes on in the interest of spending more time with his family, The Priests having the opportunity to work him is a true honour and the resulting album is bound to be magnificent.
Since the signing of the contract, The Priests have been featured in several newspapers such as The Times, Irish Times, The Universe, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Catholic Times and more. They have also been featured on the BBC, ITV, UTV, RTE and Sky news. It’s not everyday you see a trio of priests signed to a music contract deal and the press is definitely letting their presence be known to the world. Additionally, The Priests now have their own YouTube channel as well at The site will feature behind the scenes footage of the recording of the album.
In an effort to ensure they stay focused on their goals, The Priests insisted that their contract include a clause that allows their parish duties to go undisturbed. They will still work fulltime as Parish Priests and will tend to their religious community, whether they are needed for christenings, weddings, funerals and mass services.



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  2. What should I serch for if I want this type of music couse I searched church music or priests singing but i don't want their voices to be acompanied by anything, like in this video. Just the voice nothing more…
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