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  1. Vincent Wienand, YT, starting teaching DJT was The False Prophet, over 3 years ago. He has dozens of teachings to check out.

    Roy Potter, first big name to say in so many words, DJT is part of the unholy trinity of the Antichrist. DJT is believed to be the โ€œSon of Joseph โ€œ by Rabbi Glazerson, and Hebrew Bible, the Torah only, decoder. Heโ€™s done numerous videos saying Trump was Cyrus and Son of Joseph, the Jews first messiah. They have two. DJT gets killed in battle, or assassinated, and comes back to life as the first beast. The False Prophet. Canโ€™t be the Pope because FO takes out 3 countries early on. Heโ€™s like John the Baptist fir BHO, the real Antichrist.

    Vincent Wienand has several teachings in YT about this time and who the players are.

    Adam from No more News is saying same thing, but I donโ€™t have DLive. I just saw his headline asking, โ€œIs DJT the Son of Joseph?โ€

    Marfoogle from Marfoogle News garnered many views about Trump being on a ship and not in the hospital due to his knowledge of camera work and the video seeming to move with big waves. So, there may be a double.

  2. What if I simply refuse vaccinations because they are unproven or deadly or worthless same as flu vaccines. Or maybe I just don't want to mess with God's creation. No maybe.

  3. Amen brother , tell it ! Well put
    I am trying to wake up my husband and friend… but sometimes the words donโ€™t come out right , and they canโ€™t receive it . Breaks my heart ….
    I know many women are in the same situation and I pray for all . All families who need the Spirit if the Living God to remove the scales from their eyes … amen ๐Ÿ™
    God bless


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