The Prophecy is True: A meteor is coming soon – no date set

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  1. I saw the four hoses if apocalypse fall to the eart in the shape of a serepent with four separate heads. They fell like comets but they are not destroying the earth physically. also the white lion fell down too with them and it us the antichrist. this happened during the actual comets were reported as hutting different parts of the esrth in february 2013.

  2. So just calm down stop with the synonyms and live the reality you choose to live. Stop trying to frighten others . When he end comes so be it meanwhile love and joy eyes open no fear

  3. I understand religion, to a point.
    You want to make sense with things that you just can't understand. "Why did my mother leave me so early?".
    You're scared that your life will be as insignificant as it is. (No harm meant, but in the view of the universe, we're all insignificant)
    You're scared that after your life runs out, you will be nothing.
    You're scared of what is to come, therefor you pray, maybe to get the feel of control over an situation.
    If something bad happens to you, you say that "God is testing my faith."

    Seems like you're scared to face reality.

    Yes, we're all just a chunk of meat going around in our own lives, with our own circle of friends & giving away our lives for a man made thing, called money.

    But, that doesn't mean we should be delusional about whats real in this world and what is fake. When you die, you're gone, finito. You're not up in heaven having the time of your life cause you have no life yet, you used that already, and 30% or more on a job and some more on your religion. Your physical self is actually in the dirt getting eaten by worms, thus for once giving back to nature. .

    People have created religions so they can cope with reality being so black and white & it really is black and white, no grey zones. People get killed everyday for stupid reasons, people get molested & beaten up. People get sick, people commit suicide, people starve, people get raped. people get killed over religion.

    I could continue for ages.

    Wake up and prioritize on what is real. You, your family & friends and what else is important for your own happiness.

  4. We're about to see how merciful God really is cause we still gotta pay bills. We still have to deal with our own set backs, our own failures our own weaknesses, and as for me I've made so many mistakes it's no wonder I've never gotten what I desired in my life so I walk with anger and bitterness but I still stand up for who Jesus said He was. Still doesn't change the fact He's going to turn His back on many who call on Him. Lord have mercy and prove your mercy in eternity for NONE ARE RIGHTEOUS!

  5. 23 Sep is not the date. The LORD say no one know the time and the date. We could only know it is near. Not even the angels. Not even Jesus Christ himself. Only Holy Father know. Do not be fooled by the video about 23 Sep meteor. This is the trick of the devil to fool us.

  6. Check in youtube or google: Planet 7X, this is the monstrous planet with the size 7x the earth which actualize a lot of miracles recorded in the Bible, such as:
    Joshua prayed to let the sun stand still for one day. Planet 7X dragged the earth from turning as usual speed.
    Hezekiah healing from the LORD is promised with the sundial turned backward. Planet 7X dragged the axis of the earth to turn and caused the sundial turned backward.
    Noah's flood. Planet 7x has a lot of meteors with it. One of the big meteor hit the earth and caused a lot of the water came out. This also caused the erection of Everest on the other side. Furthermore, the meteor is with a lot of poisonous substances and this shorten human lives from up to 1000 years to 100 years a few hundred years after the Noah's flood.
    This Planet 7x comes to the solar system around every 300 years.
    It may come in late 2015 to 2016 and realize the prophecy in Revelation mentioned by my brother Levi Price: The First to the Fourth Trumpet.

  7. Blessings to you Brother! Keep braking the word down to us and if you ever want to come down to Charlotte, NC. Mi casa ea su casa my Brotheren! Let me know, God bless you and your movement! Praise Jesus! 1 love…

  8. I think we need to stop talking in absolutes as Christians. The signs are clear that we are nearing the return of Jesus Christ. Let's stop setting dates and how it will unfold. We will be looked upon as fools and crazy people when these things don't come to pass. We can speculate and debate. But to say this with happen and then this is dangerous. Unless you are directly quoting from the only source of 100% truth, the Bible you might not be correct. It reminds me of a sermon by Paul Washer. That we will be eliminated not by a martyrs death but as bigots and fools who have fallen for a rouse and are not useful to society. Not saying that will be the reason that is used to persecute, but it makes you wonder. We ultimately know that it is because of the spiritual war going on. God bless you my fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!

  9. Focus on your walk with Jesus, what will happen will happen. This world is descending, we all know that. What we need to do is to get together and work for the kingdom but the body of Christ is so divided, isolated and distracted. Let's pray.

  10. Do you think when you say overnight and the horsemen. It is not possible that Hitler, Stalin, and even further and further back could be where this started? Like the black plague. What if it is sometimes a blink of an eye, and sometimes hundreds of years in between. Look what Constantine and his council did to Gods word. Jesus's word. I am convinced that the endtimes started with our saviour's resurection. I think the anti-christ is a entity that has come before our time now. Its ( the deciever) had many faces and names with the same goal. Praise the Father and the Son that the anti christ does not win. Amen Amen Amen. I just wondered if you have noticed this too?


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