Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Aliens?

Is a space alien AI visiting us? (SETI interview)

The Universe and Beyond, with Stephen Hawking (super cringey StarTalk episode…)


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  1. How ironic that they're big proponents of "A.I THINKING DIFFERENTLY" than the however many billions, of human beings… BUT DO NOT CONDONE ANY OF THE "ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS" THINKING DIFFERENTLY than the prescribed, approved and sanctioned lines of thought??!!!🤔🤔🙄

  2. Maybe i dont want to stay here after death maybe i want to move on the next thing what if this tech traps the soul here. Maybe i just wish to live the experience god gave me and after death continue on to whatever may happen next what if heaven is real and this tech stops you from going to the eternal place. what if i wish to saty in the afterlife and e tech company wishes to bring me back from my place in heaven. This is scary shit why does man need to be messing with this stuff. i dont believe what they say. God put things in place so these forms of science cant be reached.

  3. Brother's and sisters I'm going to write about my jOURrney to the light and how I was brainwashed the same as everyone else, and how an unlikely turn of events ("I credit Jesus!") lead me to the truth in 2015, miracles and nightmares included. (Eath is FlaT & GOD L💥VES YOU!) You are always being watched and recorded WAKE UP!

  4. If their tech is so great then why lie about space? & other bullshit? WTF are these demons up to? Talking aliens starts to sound very retarded when you think about them using hairspray to fool the masses about what space really is! Movie magic is real!!! STOP watching movies and TV if you haven't already.
    💥🤯💨 WAKE UP!""💥
    Don't be deceved by the 👿
    he taketh many forms!
    LoVe thy neighbor,


  5. exhausting…there are answers to be found. The only real question left is, are you able to humble yourself and be honest enough about the state of your own heart, to be able to accept it?

    Jer 17:9  The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? 

    Heb 12:15  Searching diligently/exhaustively lest any man fail of the grace of Elohim; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled; 

    Mat 6:15  But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

    Php 2:12  ….. work out your OWN salvation with fear and trembling. 

    Heb_12:2  Focusing on Yahshua the Author and Finisher of our faith/our Trust; who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is sat down at the right hand of the Throne of Elohim.

  6. You haven't even looked at her original interview and exact quote she said, because she wasn't talking about intelligent life, she was talking about different microbial life that we could call alien, because it exists in the shadow biosphere, maybe that microbial life doesn't even have DNA so we can't detect it because we detect life often looking for DNA, but that "alien life" may not have DNA. But again – why do research, why look for exact quotes when you can just take titles of the articles and twist it for your own goal? You such a joke dude, such a lazy bad researcher.

  7. Whenever I watch a so called 'intellectual' by the worlds standard and eloquently spoken Individual speak on such subjects , I realise how little I think of them and how much of a joke these people are to me. Their education and worldly knowledge is foolishness in the eyes of my Father. No wonder I was never able to make sense of so much I was taught in school. I was not born to love this place and I dont.

  8. Using anything other than the Holy Bible as a lense to view this reality will send you chasing your tail into destruction, please believe me, I have come full circle, from the Bible, through all ' new age' futile deception, only back to a fuller belief in Christ and his victorious sacrifice for us. God bless all.

  9. Been thinking for a while that AI has always been meant for Alien Intelligence.
    Especially after the AI Sophia robot blunder where it turned out to be a Mechatronik Marionette. Some AI experts admitted being far far away from being able to create a functioning AI; while others even doubt they ever will. Spirits and Demons will be disguised as AI so that we accept their communications and orders, without questioning, though an electronic device: The Alien boombox a.k.a. Alexa, Siri or Echo.

  10. I think the "great deception" is man's belief that such deception will appear in accordance to how we have been indoctrinated to identify it. As one's walk progresses with Christ, deception changes form. With each ascertained "obvious" deception, it births an even greater insidious counterpart that is much less so. This is how the serpent was able to sneak into the Garden. He didn't traverse the expected route in which man was prepared and waiting, but entered through the back where he was entirely unexpected.

  11. 'Alien intelligences' are real within the scope of fallen angels. There is only God, then angels, then Man, and beast. No other types of 'entities' exist. Eventually, men who set against God continually will know that who they actually worship are these fallen angels.

  12. AI has milked the human creative potential through the use of getting everyone to share every personal moment in a myriad of contexts all over its network. It is trying to work out HOW we tick, AND what is the stimuli that makes us act independently in certain ways. How objects make us feel. All this is done to make a master specimen. But it has to keep us alive and procreating so that it can stay alive. such a sad symbiosis.

  13. And power was given to the image of the beast that image would both speak and cause all to worship the beast and his image and recieved a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads. And the beast will deceive with lying signs and wonders and the promise of immortality.

  14. The con job. For in the day he eat thereof you shall be like God. Living the great Lie as revelation says. And in Daniel for they will once again mix with the seed of men and they shall not cling to one another.

    It’s maddening time to separate yourself from this world for nesting demons are in the personas of billions of people already and they know it not. One day when satan flicks the switch we shall see the carnage against the Lord and His anointed. Exit this world lest you share in her judgements. For now time speeds up so let’s cry out in sackcloth and ashes and ask the Lord to come nudge the unrighteousness of mankind. For that day is a great shaking not just the seen bit the unseen and they shall be seen physically by everyone. For the Lord thy God will make a distinction in that day between the righteous and the unrighteous, the profane from the holy.

    God bless you thanks for the upload.

  15. As I've grown in truth I don't promote CS Lewis as a source of good Christian Doctrine. In fact I've come to believe he was a real wolf in sheeps clothing. My research has uncovered that he actually had ties to the Golden Dawn, at least he was friends with a member. Circumstantial yes, but along with other strange things he has written, probably best not overlooked. But getting to my point, he wrote a Space Trilogy that I read when I was a kid, the final book Titled "That hideous Strength" actually explained the Mysteries or Secret Societies and how they worked to achieve their goals, but it actually called them N.I.C.E.. This is a cut from a summary of the book
    "Mark learns, earlier in the story, from the group that meets in the library, that the N.I.C.E. is concerned with doing away with nature. They view organic matter as dirty and unnecessary, and they wish to get rid of as much of it as possible. They include in this scope both the outdoors, and the human body. They have devised a scientific way to keep a human head alive without its body. They name this the true resurrection, and they call for an end of the natural man. However, the innermost group to which Mark is invited explains that they have been in contact with beings that are far greater than humans, which they call macrobes. These macrobes are heading up a plan to get rid of most of the human race, as well as most of the human body. Each person will need only exist as a head, and only the chosen elite will survive. This is the plan that will prevail, if no one stops it. " This was written 75 years ago, and the book goes into much greater detail about the head, it is something the elites in the book worship, and it struck me as a means for the macrobes, or spirits to communicate with the world. This is an allegory for AI and what their real intentions behind it are the way I see it. This book even describes what we now are calling the singularity! Nothing new under the sun, and it is chilling just how long these ideas have been really floating around

  16. I hear some calling you Will. If that is indeed your name I thank you for setting a platform for me to speak with others about the topics that I don’t always cross paths with in person.

    This is the only channel I subscribe to and I have been recommended many amazing sermons and teachers of the word through your videos.

    I want to acknowledge you. You are distinguished and I appreciate your hard work.

    With so many followers of the word and your videos; I believe I get a chance to know a bit of you as well. I sometimes want to talk to you on many things and anyone who has you in their life is blessed. If you ever did a live chat I’m sure it would be very packed so your videos really do mean a lot to me.

    I was once told not to watch conspiracy videos as they don’t settle well with me. With someone following Him and talking about it I finally got out the rabbit holes online of conspiracy videos. The Bible has affirmed all for me and I still have so much to learn.

    Thank you sincerely ❤️🙏


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