5G Towers, Smart Grids, The Internet of Things – What You Need To Know

4G: Fourth Generation Wireless
Data Bandwidth: 2Mbps to 1Gbps
Frequency Band: 2 to 8 GHz
Service: Dynamic information access, wearable devices, HD streaming, global roaming
5G: Fifth Generation Wireless
Data Bandwidth: 1Gbps and higher as per need
Frequency Band: 3 to 300 GHz
Service: Dynamic information access, wearable devices, HD streaming, any demand of users

Cell Towers – 5G Wireless – Cell Phone Health Warning!

Google Sidewalk Labs – Smart Cities and Agenda 2030

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors Patent # US 6506148 B2 https://www.google.com/patents/US6506148

Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect US 6470214 B1 https://www.google.com/patents/US6470214

RFID Microchips – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

I Spray My Chemtrails At Night! – https://youtu.be/yWUo_k3oQFA

Content in video thanks to:
Truthstream Media – https://www.youtube.com/user/TRUTHstreammedia
The Fullerton Informer – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVt3STOc1XNEWOIWYW0UKaA

Eat healthy, pray daily, put on the Full Armor of God. Put down and turn off your devices when you can. God bless everyone. Jesus loves you all.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

“In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;” Ephesians 1:7
God bless you and your families. Know Jesus! (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) Best relationship you will ever have.

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  1. So basically we are screwed .. what about my pets .. they have to go to the bathroom and I do have to go to the doc unfortunately.. hope Jesus comes back soon.. I’m sick of worrying .. can you please make an easy to understand visual list of things we can do to protect ourselves.. my parents are old and don’t believe me .. and should I get rid The wireless headphones I was forced to buy becsue the phones only let u get wireless headphones now?

  2. Trust in the Lord and give thanks for everything and pray Father to bless it. It will all be good to eat. Jesus will see us. delivered and overcome the world. Do not be afraid God will provide and shelter us from all evil.

  3. Research has shown people who live within a 100 feet of 4G cell masts have 4 times the rate of cancer of people who live in the next 900 feet away from the mast. (People who live within 1000 feet of cell masts). And that's only 4G!! 5G is many times more powerfull and they plan to plant 5G boxes near every other house in urban areas. The government are almost powerless to refuse it becuase they are so afraid of big business and loosing out on big business. 5G and A.I will basically be the biggest business in the world – and governments are being pressured in to keeping up with the program. Any country that does not accept this Frankenstein technology will be portrayed as backward. That's the sick disgustting world we live in.
    5G originated as a crowd controll weapon. Armoured vehicles used it to send frequency pulses that would make crowds back off. This is alll shown on google if you type "5G crowd controll weapon" and look hard eough.
    They want to replace us with robots. First, they need to study us and how we behave and gradually integrate the tech in to our bodies. 5G is shortly being followed with the micro-chip – which is to be inserted in to peoples' hands. (In Sweden – there are thousands of people who've already had the micro-chip installed – it's already happening). It's sold as a "convenience" tool to make things easier. Are people that dumb that they think that's the real reason they want to stuff us with micro-chips? If people dont comply – their chip will be turned off and they wont be able to buy or sell. This was even prophesized in the bible. "Man will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast".
    Jarred Kushner (son in law to Donald Trump) owns a company that is developing the micro-chip. There are many companies around the world who have already built these chips. Jarred Kushners company is in a building called "6-6-6". And "666" is the 'number of the beast' according to the bible. – and nobody will be able buy or sell without the "mark of the beast". You couldn't make this stuff up. It's pure evil.
    ****Living OFF-grid will be almost impossible in the near future – as more and more laws are changed – to do with land etc.
    *****When 5G comes out – invest in EVERY anti-radiation material you can get hold of. I have already painted my sitting room with E.M.F paint but it's not enough. I have an electricians tool – E.M.F reader – and the paint only slightly decreased the E.M.F readings – so I'm going to put several more coats on. It's a special paint. You can get "EMF" sheilding curtains, EMF sheilding materials etc.. There is a little market there – brewing – so start learning about it – and you wont get ill as quickly as other people.

  4. Your thesis is fundamentally sound…but the assertions are self defeating in this sense..Edward Snowden COULD NOT possibly be the liberty championing hero many Big Brother fathers think he is..HE RAN STRAIGHT INTO PUTINS ARMS FROM SAFE HARBOUR "after" stopping off in China and tea with Assagne..none of these actors who gave Snowden assistance give a crap about whether any US federal agency abuses the "liberties" of US citizens..think about it..There is a deeper aspect not yet factored in in all this..What freedom faces (globally) is not big bad US Federal Agency structural abuse..Look at Albert Pikes NWO agenda and Global Freemasonry herein lies the pieces of the puzzle , Federal Agencies have GOOD NOBLE LIBERTY LOVING PATRIOTS serving in them…always have people who serve across multiple administrations with the noble tenants of the Constititikn foremost in their hearts..At same time Secret Society membership is also embedded in these same agencies and at top levels of govt (unseen hand)its not Democrat, republican..the villain is Secret Society alliegences and the NWO Albert Pike Global agenda the "unseen hand" in fact I contend if not for the good work of noble (not conservative Christian absent liberal whatever )This is SERIOUS GLOBAL LUCIFERIAN AGENDA STUFF MANKIND FACES….

  5. They've Poisoned the animals too….😭😭😭😭 Where can you get something that has not been tainted??? Thank you for the video. I've been really sick. I want the 5g out of my house!!!

  6. I take high doses of iodine. I’ve been doing it for a few years. Other than trying to eat clean, no doctors, no phone and no tv, all I can do is trust God. If I was younger I think I’d go feral up in the Apalachian lone wolf style. My only book the kJB. Stay off the radar of the new world order loyalist. I’m done with trying to convince anybody of anything it’s time to go undercover even within your own family. I won’t trust anyone I have not memorized a scripture with. The people we are suppose to meet will be put in our path if we know and keep the first command. All else will be added

  7. I am feeling unwell and confused (mushy brain) from all the wifi and poor sleep. Make this a testimony to the dangers of 3G,4G,5G and even 2.4 and why we need to replace our electronics with face to face interaction not forsaking the assembly of believers in a church.

  8. Do what u want ! Ignore everyone & celebrate yourself ! The domain of the devi , who is the master of this world ..
    That`s how the world looks today for me , that`s how i feel ….i hate this world .

  9. My daughter is A medical dr., and every Dr in the Centra medical system in this area is required to take their vaccines or lose your job. Most of theDrs think vaccines are good. Brain washed from med school.

  10. Cell towers can now be placed anywhere for any reason anytime, with no recourse. We had a greedy neighbor who wanted to be paid his 6000.00 per mo to put a cell tower in our neighborhood from his property. Plenty of people just like him. Our legislators just voted to kill us with this legislation.

  11. HAARP has been through this town twice an hundreds of trees targeted, ripped up and destroyed. These were not natural..our town has signed onto Agenda 21. Moving right along friends…

  12. Good! I’m happy for 5G because Lucifer is the God of this world, so why would I want to live on this earth 1 second longer.. I really can’t wait for my body to die from this evil earth so my soul and spirit can finally be with God and Jesus in the heavenly realm where Lucifer can’t tempt me anymore with drugs and porn and alcohol and everything else! I can’t wait to die! Praise be to God in the name of His son Jesus!😌

  13. My name is Tran Minh Tri.
    I'm a graduate student at Gunma University in Japan. I'm doing a research in Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design. My research is "A Novel Radio Frequency Front End Transceiver in Next Generation"
    To protect ourselves from cell phone radiation, wifi signals, 5G, and EMFs coming from smart phones, tablets and laptop computers or other wireless systems,
    We should put a Polyphase filter between the mixer and the power amplifier in these transmitters.
    I think we will reduce a half of transmission power, or half of radiation.
    Please, reduce the power densities of radiation to improve our health in the future life!
    I would like to share a proposal scientific proof if needed! (trantri.ks@gmail.com)

    Thanks in advance.
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
    Tran Minh Tri

    Graduate Student of Gunma University,
    3-14-45 Tenjin-cho, Kiryu
    376-0052, Japan


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