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  1. Yesterday 1/18/23 I heard him say judgement comes. Look at Linda Rika YouTube testimony. Six hours in hell two hours in Heaven. Three preachers eligible for Heaven out of five million people. I do not make Heaven. Matthew 22:11-13 clothing only keeps a man from Heaven. Zephaniah 1:8 they were judged by their garments clothing. Unless they read the Bible only word for word only just his word only not his preacher. A church full of liars. 14 different women on YouTube Facebook without covered head and long dress they could not go to Heaven. A man can marry a man. They changed the law. The Lord Jesus The Christ never changed his Bible. My mother’s preacher told her The Lord died for the entire Bible. I dreamed my 83 year old mother died in her pants. My mom died in her pants. My sister dreamed my mother did not do so well on the other side. The devil has power. You Wii never ever find pants on women in your Bible. The devil bragged about running every church in the word but one, HOREMOW. Most Americans reject the testimony. Many never read the Bible or pray. Pray without ceasing. I did not make this up. Many still believe the lying preachers. My second rapture dream. 1, 2, or 3 souls out of the entire world go to Heaven. But as it was in the days of Noah… Read your Bible only. Your preachers do not talk to God.

  2. Yeah no one knows or will know when the rapture will happen only the father knows and at the right time he will shout the trumpet will blow although it's not a real trumpet it's the voice of God 🙏 which has been compared to a trumpet 🎺 he never said we would know we're just supposed to work until he comes and everyday we're supposed to look for his appearing which we will never know what day or hour or second when that will happen it's going to be a surprise

  3. Yeah to the Lord it's like it's seconds away the Lord is in eternity no time where he is I'm just saying it'll never happen on a time at a time that a man or a woman predicts when it does happen it'll be at a time that nobody predicted I guarantee that 100%

  4. Yes I'm already but it's more than seconds away unfortunately God does not tell man when the rapture is going to no man knoweth the our are the day we are not at the point of the tribulation the Great tribulation. There's going to be some time left before that transpires greater glory of God is about to come on the Church revival is coming God is going to give the church more time little more time to preach the gospel to reap a big huge harvest it'll happen at a time you think not no person knows that day or that our only God the Father God the s o n the Angels don't even know and we don't know people don't seem to understand God doesn't say to someone all the rapture is going to happen on January 24th or January 5th someone actually said on YouTube the rapture was going to happen on January 5th and the Lord does not say to someone the rapture is seconds away he's coming like a thief in the night to snatch his bride away oh I've had dreams about the rapture I believe it'll happen in my lifetime I still believe we're about 20 25 years away from it God is not through with a church yet when that last person enters the body of Christ we vanish God doesn't tell us when that last person will enter it could happen at any moment we just look for his appearing but I've known for decades there's it's never going to happen when a man or a woman says is going to happen my advice to people is stopped predicting you can't predict when the raptures going to that's not possible


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