Ramp Church Hamilton
Date: Sunday 01-18-21
Speaker: Perry Stone

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  1. I watched it again, and I think I understand now. At the end of the 6,000 years comes the millennium. So if the WEF's "great reset" happens in 2030, (which a lot of prophets believe is the start of the tribulation), then the millennium should happen in about 15 years, which means the rapture might happen within 8 years from now. Not soon enough for me.

  2. I love Perry Stone, and have watched with relish most of his videos and bought his book "Visions" but in this video he says "the YouTube prophets are all over the place" and I think in this video Perry is also "all over the place." He was talking so fast and going back and forth between years and timeframes, so I decided to look at the transcript. Even after reading that, I can't figure out if he's saying that the end of the 6,000 years (when the rapture happens) will be in about 13 years from now 2022? Does anyone know what the bottom line is here? 🤔

  3. Thank you Perry for all your research & your
    fluient speaking & truth. ,& yes i seen that movie ..kingdom of heaven & that king at that
    time did have leprosy ( I researched) good movie, ❤pam( nana)of Mo.
    About 25 yrs. ago I found out that I am Jewish, & this makes me so very happy.
    as a completed Jew. I would love to go
    home, ( Sometime .I will )

  4. @ Jesus, ..You will Not Find ANY Scriptural PROOF For such a STUPID STATEMENT !! CONSIDER This:.. The passage of 1.Thess.4:16-17 that You Quoted, Declares in verse 16, that; …"THE DEAD in CHRIST RISE FIRST". Now if your "brain" is not Totally DEAD, then you Will have to AGREE, that the "TRIBULATION MARTYRS", who are ONLY Resurrected at the VERY END of the TRIBULATION, ( Rev.20:4-5 ) Must be part of, and Included in these "DEAD IN CHRIST, that RISE FIRST" !! As They have Been "KILLED" , ( and Are DEAD ) for their FAITH in CHRIST, and as Such they QUALIFY As the "DEAD IN CHRIST" That will "RISE FIRST".

    Now if you are to DUMB to understand THIS FACT, then You should NOT Be Part of THIS DISCUSSION !!

    And in Rev. 20:4-5, we LEARN that This RESURRCTION of these "DEAD In CHRIST", is called the FIRST RESURRECTION, and that it is Separated from the SECOND RESURRECTION, by EXACTLY "One Thousand" Years !!
    And that SECOND RESURRECTION happens according to verse 5, …."When the Thousand Years , ( The Future Millennium ) were Finished"

    Then 1.Thess.4:17, that you quoted, declares that;…"We that are ALIVE and REMAIN, will be 'CAUGHT-UP', ( that means Raptured ) "TOGETHER With THEM, into the Clouds and into the Air". ( that means "together with these "DEAD IN CHRIST" that "RISE FIRST" ) in other words; ….AT THAT SAME TIME of the END of the TRIBULATION !!!

    So tell me Dummy, WHAT PART OF THIS VERSE 16 , and VERSE 17, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND !!!

    Morgan Sorensen ( "Fed-Up" , Biblical Theologian ) trying to explain GOD's Word to Supposed "believers" Brainwashed by the Idiot and "Pseudo Scholar" PERRY STONE !!

  5. The beautiful Hebrew wedding tradition how the grooms Father only knows when he sends his son, the groom out (after the son has told the bride he will not drink from the cup again that they drank from together to solidify their marriage intentions before the ceremony, AND the groom had to return to His Fathers house to prepare the special place or addition room for Himself and His bride ) is a perfect picture of the Rapture of us, the bride of Christ. And it’s so exciting and loving!

  6. @ian cook"!..
    Because.. JESUS WAS "STILL". in an EARTHLY BODIE!!.
    MATTHEW 18".. SAYS..
    .,( AND)..
    HARPAZO. message….

  7. I have been so hungry for truth, history, of Gods word. How I love learning from Perry. I have studied for 50 years and people have called me crazy when I taught or preached. Here I am hearing Perry teaching the same thing. THATS GOD! I love Bible history and Perry helps me there. Keep up the good work brother. I’m in Charleston West Virginia. Lol

  8. Wonderful man of God is Perry Stone. He knows God's word, he preaching, teaching the word. He has a brilliant mind. Bless you pastor Stone. You are loved, honored. ♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🏠🏠🏠❤️❤️❤️🥰😍🤩😘🤩😍🥰❤️

  9. Pastor perry thank you for your words from the word of God l have learned a lot l was scared to read the last book of the bible until l started watching you l still don't understand some of it but I keep reading it l love the Lord Jesus Christ and father God please 🙏 prey for me and my family l will keep watching you may God bless you and your family Carolyn bowers


    The only reason Revelation is today considered by many Protestants to be part of the New Testament canon is thanks to the American Bible Society which, in 1807, decided to remove the Introduction page toward the back of their printed editions of the bible which included apocryphal (uninspired) books, like Revelation!

    Besides the historical ones (such as Martin Luther's rejection of Revelation from the canon as "not having the Spirit of Christ"), there are also evidential reasons Revelation should be excluded–the fact that it portrays pagan gods as if they actually exist (20:14), martyrs in heaven pleading with Jesus to act in complete contradiction to his own teachings (6:10) and a portrayal of Jesus as a world-wide murderer instead of the peace-loving Jesus who told his disciple to put away the sword, "for those who live by it, die by it" (19:15)!

    But no one should ever be afraid of what John of Patmos included in his fanciful work of hate and revenge by the threat he added in verses 22:18-19. It's very important to remember there was no such thing as copyright law in his day, that protected writers from having their works altered. So, the only thing they could do was claim this or that god would supernaturally punish anyone who did, in the hope the mere threat would be enough to deter others from changing what they wrote.

    By the way, the threat John of Patmos made was to any who changed his, singular work of his distorted view of Jesus, NOT whether it should be included or excluded from a Christian bible that, in his day, was not yet in existence and would not be for hundreds of years!

    Rick Lannoye, author of https://www.amazon.com/Real-Life-Jesus-Nazareth-Really-Stood-ebook/dp/B09V4BJ62D

  11. You are miserably misinformed! Yehosua came to DEMOLISH false Jewish and ALL other religions! The veil torn in two when HE died. He warned not one stone on top of another. All religious sacrifice and duties were abolished the moment Yehosua died. He rose as THE ONE AND ONLY High Priest forever! The only legit temple will decent from heaven. Any temple rebuilding is pagan practice and evidence of especially american corruption and mental displacement. It's over folks……you have kindled the WRATH of YAHWEH enough already……..especially with "Jesus is God" doctrine and abominable profaning of THE SABBATH! Cursed is you catholics which are the advocate of Anti-Christ!……thus speaks the Lord of God……The Coming King! Yehosua WILL DEMOLISH all fake religious org's and Anti-Christ followers! Christ alone is the CHURCH…….and only those who's names are in the Book of God(YHWH) are members of the CHURCH ●

  12. I'm listening to the book of Adam and eve and I finished the book of Enoch it was all eye opening. I love our father in heaven I praise his name. I can't wait to feel his love in heaven


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