This should go viral. As lots of us need to heed this.



  1. OH, AND I KNOW THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTY are all PATRIOSI know they all honor there oath to our country. I don't think Fear is all that keeps us here in our recliners or just Shock. The video is so hard to believe and I can't count how many Hu dress if times I've passed by that spot.. it will never look the same . Divine Canyon, well the poison creek that is at its MOUTH defines it now, so saddly.

  2. We need you all. From Burns, Oregon. It's hard to believe what we gave seen happen here of all places. Born here 54 years ago, lived in Portland Dallas, TX and move back home and all the things heard ate really true. a God Bless this Country. Gonna take a trip to the Redwoods soon. The whole Family. If anyone knows of jobs , caretakers or motel, hotel relief caretakers. My son in law a firefighter.. imagine that . Son and daughter in law both laid off Safeway way employees.. ? I know what's up with that .My husband retired tech, Navy and NASA.. at one time One heading to be an Oregon Duck next Year and one Graduating Beaver next year. Only grandson turned 4 Saturday and my first Grandaughter from my SAFEWAY kids coming in June. . what a cunundrum LOL I and Grandpa are Just looking to help where we can and I want to explore the redwoods the rpugueabd YES I Mean the river. God Bless Lavoy and prayers for his Family. Prayers for the good people of Harney County. Even our Sheriff and law enforcement. My Father was the engineer on the Seneca log train for a out 25 years . I think was derailed the year I graduated, 1979. I sure miss that whistle but can hear it blowing g clear as a bell. The Caboose is coming home to Hines, Oregon I hear and the engine in the RR museum in northern California. So we hopefully shall head that way. Any Info that might help us start heading that way would be much appreciated. Jodie Fines Shafer Desi let's. If there is somewhere we might hope to find it in that area.

  3. Cmon Richie lets go to da cage ma fuga. Lol . Yeah bro you make ALOT of sense to me. We dont have time to fight. We need to Understand d what divide and conquer looks like. Keep up the great work man. And i agree that these folks who wanna argue and cut each other down in cyber vail need to meet and duke it out mma style.

  4. F'ing thank you for this message Richie! We need to be ON POINT right now! It will be stunned if 2016 is not the year for all the big changes to try to go down. Keep doing what you are doing.

  5. love it!!! everybody's entitled to their own opinion and we should respect each other's opinion enough to to disagree respectfully.
    the sheriff in Harney County in one town meeting said that he believed in 90% of what the people out at the refuge you doing….. I thought back to myself boy I can't say that I believe with 90% of what all my friends believe with maybe 75-80, maybe, and I have their back to the end!!, if need be. we need to stop focusing so much on what we disagree on and focus more on what we AGREE on!!
    I think overwhelmingly we can agree that the government over reach is overbearing and that something needs to be done!! I think where we differ is, how we need to go about it…… see if we find what we have in common we can conquer our common enemy ….tyranny… ideas are our weapons we need to arm up as much as we can!! when you have an opinion we need to make it safe for people to express it.

    in my opinion I believe every spark of hope deserves our support because it may be the spark that turn this country around….maybe not ;,( ….but just maybe 8))

  6. Correct, at this point in time, I do not think that the earth being flat or globe would change my life one bit. I have neen extorted under the guise of child support and both my children are over 21, but I have a pension and a SSN and my pension and bank acct can be frozen without due process so I can provide jobs for people working in gov't. I am one of millions who've lost everything due to this corruption and this is just one story of corruption from a tyrannical gov't out of control. Everything on MSM is a distraction from what is really going on as you rightly pointed out. Good video commentary Richard. I am Richard as well.

  7. Yes I agree, Ive tried cleaning up my channel here and getting more involved but the time. I dont see how folks have all the time? Im grateful people do! Regardless there are some real honest spirits out here helping me, you and many others and a solid foundation that cant be crossed! Let me know and I try my best. Im not a computer guru but I will figure it out. Thanks again!

  8. Knowing now that they have infiltrated our alternative news is not shocking but it was nice to know we are now all over them. We should have known after Alex Jones was exposed that they would be sending in more sellouts behind him which they have but its up to us to sift through the bullshit. Thanks for sharing your insight and calling out the mind control psych-ops!

  9. Yes Rich, your talking to me. I lost my cool with a couple of big channels who to me kept hyping up the drama, influencing people to go and yet none of them went. One in paticular went and made it even more confusing. Go figure. Your right, its time to get it together and stay focused. Im just tired of the bullshit as I work 10 hour days and Im sure you do to and still try to stay engaged to this crazy cabal thats running shit. I appreciate your honesty and your passion. I'm blessed that there are men who share info minute by minute for all of us. Travis in Kansas


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