The reality of simulation is real, but reality is not a simulation. The real reality is real, but the simulated reality is simulated. Once again.. Just the simulated part is simulated. Not the reality itself. Really. Got it? Ok. Good. (Deal with it!!!)



  1. πŸ˜‚ love it! Every child can experience outer space right now! All you need is your imagination after all. Maybe try scuba diving and pretend there's floating planets around you. Man it's sad that people spend their whole lives living a lie and I was one. Problem is that I can't tell my own children yet. They have enough stress to deal with in this crappie world so I have to plant the seeds as I go but hopefully before the censorship is full throttle.

  2. I know this is old bro but hear me out. "Zombies" think of how that could be connected to the mark of the beast, the internet of things, Quantum computing and CERN. The wheat and the tears. The people who will follow the anti-christ will be like zombies "Cyborgs". They are going to be living for longer lives without death but they going br trying to die and kill themselves without success. (REV 6:16) They also will be tricked into killing people by mind control and simulations. Think about some of the newer movies. The 5th wave the gamer maze runner and ect. It's all connected somehow. I know it's late. I'm sorry but The Holy Spirit has my wheels in high gear!

  3. Any one else find it illogical for NASA to openly show these pictures that would prove it was a hoax? These sets,moon model etc would be above top secret and hidden with access only by a few. But no, these mock ups and simulation tools used to train the astronauts and assist the engineers were not hidden away and discovered or leaked but made readily available to the press and public.

  4. What is the name of the Band that made the song at 9:49? It is a magnificent song and i want to hear more of that style (Metal/Electro-Wave crossover). You should really credit the music you use in your videos, especially if you use the complete song…


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