The secret behind counting the number of his name! This is it!
New version with more info!!!

2 Chronicles 9:13 is a clue from God to show us!

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666 pieces = Gold(…transhumani­sm..Iron to build the temple of God… Satan is building the third temple with METAL/ Human Mix..Iron and clay don’t cleave. mankind is the temple of God..Satan sits in the temple of God claiming he is God. Bless You



  1. So blown away. You made this video 8 years ago!!! And it's all coming true now right before our eyes. I have to re-visit all of your videos — I had started watching them in 2016 but was a bit put off by what I thought at the time were far out sci fi ideas, little did i know how prophetic they truly are. Forgive me! May God keep blessing you with this gift!

  2. It's been a few years since I've watched this video and I want to thank you for first opening my eyes and now redirecting my eyes from all the recent distractions. Thank you and God Bless.

  3. Wow, deep revelation here indeed. And I never would have understood or believed this 8 years ago when this video was put out. But I Certainly understand and believe it now. Because it IS happening. The mixing of iron and clay, "technology and humanity." And the DNA/RNA- the whole core of God's creation being changed. nanobots running through the veins connecting humans to the "Beast System. " Those who have receive Lucifer-rase💉 have received the abomination of desolation.

    "and by their sorceries were all nations deceived" Revelations 18:23

    Socery means Pharmakeia in Greek. "Pharmaceutical"

  4. I have watched your videos where I can not comment on. Part 1 about moving pictures. There's a storm coming…. that storm is happening now, you have read the future. Quite worrying if you ask me !!

  5. I share with everyone. And 95% refuse to look. The ones who refuse mostly are the religious. Poor and humble listen. Go figure.

    We were founded on Christian principles. Satan took over in 1871. Rome/Vatican bought us. That’s when they built all the wicked structures.

  6. Jesus Christ comes in the flesh is also in regards to the Holy Ghost indwelling us. Christianity is the only religion where our God comes and lives inside of of. Ephesians 2. God bless brothers and sisters!

  7. Fantastic stuff man. I know aspects of the occultic number system like the IX XI but how you put it sll together. Right now I feel like this is the most prudent, meaningful video I have ever seen. Only got on to your channel from a reference from RFB2. Feel very grateful. YHWH is real. Christ is real & the deception runs throughout the world & is multi – layered. The Masons are the builders of the carbon based world ( also 6n,6e,6p). It's an amazing feeling when you see YHWH working through someone so perfectly. YHWH's speed to you!

  8. So Nick, is this hydro gell va cine it? Sure looks like its almost time to hit the mts. And will it turn our friends and family who it looks like are going to pay to get it, turn them into devils?


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